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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rental Storage Units in Georgetown

Portable storage units are among the latest trends in the storage industry. This trend provides home and business owners with an option of storing their belongings in a safe and secure environment. Storage units in Georgetown are helping people keep everything and anything they want in storage units. Instead of keeping belongings in other people’s basements and garages when moving, homeowners and business owners are embracing storage rental in Georgetown as a long-term solution to any storage emergencies. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using rental storage units: Pros of Self Storage Units:

1) Rental storage units used by business owners and homeowners help people save space in their homes, and also, avoid carrying items that are often unused when moving.

2) Self storage units offer convenient moving across long distances. Once customers receive their rental storage units in Georgetown, all they need to do is load up their property into the storage containers and the rental companies do the rest, including the transportation of the storage units to the desired places at the agreed time.

3) Storage rental in Georgetown eliminates the need for a moving truck. Loading of bulky units into moving trucks is quite tiresome, hence, storage units offer the customer an opportunity to load items at ground level, which is less stressful.

4) Storage rental companies offer flexible timing to their customers whenever needed. In case of an emergency or when a customer doesn’t need to move right away, the storage facilities offer safe and secure storage for customers’ belongings plus delivery to the new home upon request.

5) Self storage units help cut down on costs attributed to loss or damage to property during transit. This is because homeowners load the storage units themselves, so they are able to protect fragile items prone to breaking during transportation.

6) Lowers labour costs for freight handling due to the use of automated material handling equipment used by the storage facilities.

7) Storage units reduce transportation and warehousing costs since self storage containers are easy to transport and store.

8) Self storage units offer great temporary storage at ports with limited warehousing facilities.

Cons of Self Storage Units:

  1. Self storage is not a viable option if the cost will exceed the worth of goods being stored.
  2. Storage units are not always weather resistant, and this means that personal items prone to damage by excessive temperatures can get ruined. Having insurance for your property can help minimize the effect of a loss if it occurs.
  3. Storage units might require large capital expenditure, depending on the circumstances.
  4. Busy storage companies may lead to a delay in delivery due to an overburden of loads even when all facilities are available.
  5. Terminals or ports with storage unit facilities may not be available in certain parts of the world.


Moving into a new home or moving a business to another area can be overwhelming, depending on the amount of property homeowners and business owners have. Rental storage units are an amazing alternative to offering ample space to allow additional room to work within a new home. Self storage units offer a convenient, safe and secure option for goods when not in use and delivered on a date and time that is convenient for the customer.