What sets Pin Point Line apart from pavement markers

For over 10 years, Pin Point Line Striping & Marking has defined itself by providing expert pavement marking services backed by a commitment to outstanding customer service. Our company has worked with individuals, business owners, and government entities throughout the greater New England region. Our experienced crews have completed thousands of projects ranging from new construction and layouts to parking lot restriping, crack sealing, and school yard marking. Based in Amherst, New Hampshire, our family-owned and operated business is dedicated to delivering quality services that exceed every expectation.

Why Choose Pin Point Line Striping & Marking?

There are many reasons why so many people have chosen Pin Point Line Striping & Marking for their pavement marking needs. We were founded in 2008 with the goal of providing a wide range of marking services, each performed with the exacting precision and quality that our customers deserve. And, our commitment to customer service excellence has earned us a reputation as a leader in our industry.

Since our first days in business, we have worked with many clients on jobs ranging from small pavement restriping projects to expansive new layouts and striping of commercial parking lots. Among our many clients have been some of the largest corporations in the greater New England area and projects for:

  • Major retail centers
  • Corporate offices
  • Municipal parking lots and garages
  • Condominium developments
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational universities and schools
  • Small business parking areas

Our flexible work teams allow us to approach every project with the same attention to detail that has helped us stand out from the competition. No matter how large or small a project, the end result is clean, well-marked, and traffic-efficient pavement marking that not only improves the appearance of a parking lot but also maximizes safety.

Quality Materials and Equipment

In order to deliver services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, Pin Point Line employs only the latest equipment and the highest quality pavement marking products on the market.

There are many pavement marking products available, each with their own advantages and applications. We choose the right products for each project, ensuring lasting durability and a great final look. In the harsh environmental conditions of the New England region, pavement marking products must be able to withstand sun, rain, and freezing temperatures. The traffic and marking paints we use are formulated to be lead-free and VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant. We use a variety of paints, including alkyd chlorinated rubber, water-based acrylics, and acetone-based copolymer acrylics.

To achieve perfect markings time and again, we have chosen Graco LineLazer airless striping equipment and HD Linedrivers. Graco striping equipment is manufactured in the United States and represents the cutting edge of pavement marking equipment. Using guide lasers, markings can be applied with unmatched precision. Airless striping equipment also reduces overspray and helps improve efficiency, putting more paint right where it is needed without waste.

Proudly Serving Greater New England

From our center of operations in Amherst, New Hampshire, Pin Point Line Striping & Marking serves communities in and around New Hampshire, including:

  • Manchester
  • Amherst
  • Portsmouth
  • Exeter
  • Nashua
  • Keene
  • Derry
  • Bedford
  • Concord
  • Salem
  • Derry

We also provide our expert services and quality pavement marking to communities in:

  • Maine
  • Connecticut
  • Vermont
  • Rhode Island
  • Massachusetts

For quality pavement marking in the greater New England region, including both restriping and new construction projects, Pin Point Line Striping & Marking is the trusted choice. Visit their website today to learn more.

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