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Tips To Help You Settle In Fast In A New Golf Club in Edmonton

In the event, you are thinking of joining an Edmonton golf club, or you already have (just recently), you might be worried about fitting in and feeling like part of the club. Well, below are
some tips to help you drown your fears.

Make a genuine effort

When you are at an Edmonton golf club having a blast, you should not just pack up afterwards and head home. Take some time to walk around the club. Introduce yourself to some of the old members in the club. Ask several questions and try and start a conversation. You will be surprised at how welcoming they are. Honestly, all it takes is a little bit of effort and getting out of your comfort zone.

Start on the Putting Green

If you have been playing golf in Edmonton for the longest time, you probably are at the intermediate level or a pro already. The pitching area or the putting green, you may feel are not your zones anymore. But be that as it may, you should not just walk into the club for golf in Edmonton and walk directly to the first tee. Take some time in the practice putting green and on the warm-up nets. In these areas, the atmosphere is relaxed and easy – easy enough to strike up normal conversations with other golfers.


Yes, appearance is everything, even on the golf course. You should never turn up for the first tee with your shirt un tucked and wearing trainers. Being smart in your appearance will help you make a lasting impression. It is even better if you are a great golfer.

Join a group

If you are on the golf course alone and by chance, there is a group behind you, ask if you could join in with them. The same case applies if you see someone about to tee off solo. Ask if
they are comfortable with joining you.


If you manage to land some playing partners by asking them to join you or vice versa, you should not do anything that will cause them to dislike you. For this, you should mark your ball and stay away from other golfers’ lines. Also, be keen to avoid tantrums and above all,
always be ready when it is your time to play. When you do all this and are polite,
you will be shocked at how quickly you will settle in.

Get the handicap

After you have played a couple of rounds with any of the members or a newfound friend, you should get them to sign your scorecards, which you will, in turn, submit to the handicap secretary. When you have three of these cards signed, you will have your official handicap and the right to enter and compete in club competitions.

Club competition

Speaking of club competition, there is no better way for one to meet members of the club that in a golfing competition. And, as is normal in life, during the competitions, you will hit it off great with some and not so much with others. So, when you find someone, you are comfortable with, and the conversation flows, do not be shy to ask for their
contact details and arrange a couple of social games later on.

While there are numerous ways to make friends and settle into a new golf club, the above tips will get you started smoothly.