Tips for Ordering the Correct Corporate Logo Wear

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you are thinking of corporate logo apparel? For most people, the image of a polo-shirt with the company logo on the right side of the chest is ideal. However, while polo shirts are great as logo apparel for some companies, it is not entirely suitable for other businesses. There is a lot more to logo apparel than just ordering shirts and slapping a logo on them.

Logo apparel helps to market the brand and name of the company. It is something people will relate to. For this reason, it is essential that you get the team wear right. You should not order blindly without advice and guidance from a branding specialist, as you risk getting corporate apparel that does not have the intended impact on your target market.

With that said, below are some of the best tips to guide you in choosing the best corporate logo apparel for your company and brand.

Understand the purpose of the apparel and who it is for

There are different reasons why companies need logo apparel. However, the most common is to maintain brand consistency with employees. You want customers to identify your employees easily. Before making an order, you should ask yourself two questions;

Who is the apparel intended for?

Will you be ordering the team wear for a group of employees that is labour intensive, such as construction workers? Or are you looking to have the office staff wear it? Understanding the person wearing it and the environment he/she will be working in makes a lot of difference with regards to comfort, fit, durability and safety.

What is the intended purpose of the apparel?

Before you get corporate apparel, you surely have an intended purpose in mind. Is it for a specific event? For everyday wear or employee recognition? If you are ordering some for an event, it’s best to have a simple shirt with a collar to maintain professionalism. On the other hand, if the purpose is recognition of your employees, you should go for comfort. A fleece jacket would work perfectly.

There is a difference between women’s and men’s corporate apparel

You might not have noticed, but there are some differences in the logo apparel styles for women and men. For instance, some men’s shirts have buttons on the opposite side of that of women’s shirts. Other differences are apparent and include different body shapes (women’s shirts are smaller than men’s). Luckily, with most clothing orders, you can mix and match products as you please to suit your needs.

Design with professional help

Contrary to what many people believe, designing attractive apparel is not easy. There are some things that only brand specialists understand and know about the process. For instance, a branding professional can explain how the number of stitches affects the overall design of the apparel. Also, a professional can advise you on colour and material choice. Working with a professional will help to ensure that the design is the best that it can be.