Importance of mold remediation

Moisture and humidity feeds mold to grow quickly and spread widely. That is why it is mostly found in laundry, kitchens and basement areas and hard to reach corners.

Mold not only damage your home and its structure but also harmful for the health of children and elderly people. So, it is very important not to ignore mold growth found anywhere in your home. If the mold growth spread widely, it’s cleaning and remediation becomes quite expensive and should only be done by professionals. The specialists know how to cleanup mold and try to eliminate its further growth. They use special techniques and equipments for the mold remediation.

It is very easy to spot mold on the walls or wooden floors because it is visible in the form of black spots, called mildew. Then it grows into larger colonies when left untreated. The mold presence gives a musty and bad odor, also help locate the mold growth. If you are concerned and want to check that black spots are mold, a kit is available to test for mold. You can collect samples from the affected area and follow the instructions on it. If the result is negative, you can relax. But if the result is positive, send your result to the lab to determine the type of mold it is. After knowing the type of mold present in your home, it becomes easy to treat it effectively using proper method. But if the musty smell persisted and you are unable to see mold, you should start looking for hidden places. They may be:

  1. Below sinks in kitchen.
  2. Behind the wooden floors.
  3. Closets in the bathrooms
  4. Any leakage or blockage of pipes.
  5. Under carpets.
  6. Behind the wall board around leaking windows.
  7. In ventilation ducts.
  8. Behind the drywall where plumbing lines are located.

Special inspection is required if the house has been flooded with water for some time. Every type of mold is hazardous for health if allow to grow out of control. So as soon as the identification of mold is completed, it should be removed quickly.

Every cleaning contractor does not own the proper equipment and is not capable of dealing with the mold remediation. See that the company you are planning to hire, have the license, qualifications and insurance to deal with the mold problem in a proper and safest way. You can get more than one estimate from the contractors. Get reviews from their recent customers. Find out if any complaints are filed against the contractors.

Try to hire an honest and reliable mold remediation contractor. Ask the contractor to give you written report of the inspection of every area of the house. The report should include the cause of mold growth and results of the samples taken. The mold remediation contractor should inform you about the process of mold cleanup, in his report. You should also make sure that the contractor performs follow ups services on warranties.

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