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Event Ideas for Your Restaurant in Summer

As the summer days heat up and the endless evenings stretch out late into the night, take advantage of the increase in footfall by turning your restaurant into a summer heaven.

No Sea, No Problem

Even if you are nowhere near a beach, it is still possible to throw a fabulous beach-themed party to bring your guests a taste of seaside living. Consider a menu change for the evening – host a seafood BBQ guaranteed to tickle the taste-buds. Invest in some plastic buckets and transport your clientele to the beaches of Thailand, or even consider shipping in some real sand for the evening festivities and invite your guests to use their empty cocktail buckets to build sand castles after dinner!

If you don’t fancy sweeping up sand for the foreseeable future, consider capitalising on the increase in weddings during the summer months. According to the Office of National Statistics, most UK weddings occur in August, with 15.1% of them taking place during this traditionally warm and dry month. Consider offering your space for engagement parties, hen and stag dos and the wedding breakfast itself.

If your space is feeling too hot and stuffy during the day, then offer night-time events and turn your restaurant into a cool evening oasis. Got a late licence you never take advantage of? Now is the time to keep your staff on into the small hours and encourage your customers to stay sipping refreshing rose long past their usual school-night bedtime.

Keeping Everything Cool

Of course, when ramping up your business during the heat of the summer, it’s important to ensure that your refrigeration needs are fully met. After all, there is nothing worse than serving up a limp salad or warm cocktail. It’s at this time that walk in cold rooms such as those from https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms really come into their own, offering large amounts of storage and easy to arrange space, saving time and effort when your restaurant is super-busy and ensuring you have plenty of room to keep your food and beverages frozen or chilled throughout service.

Cold rooms also serve as the perfect place for you and your staff to stay cool during the heat of the day. You may even find staff fighting over the honour of cleaning out the fridge!