Expert Advice on How to Develop a Successful Product Launch Marketing Plan

Few things will keep you up at night like launching a product to the market. This is a mixture of butterflies and anticipation since you always want to get it right.

To roll a product out correctly, you need to put together winning marketing plans that will grow your audience and teach them about it.

Put the following tips to use when you’re trying to get the best from your product launch marketing plan.

  1. Create a Content Calendar and Stick With It

Content will get fresh new eyeballs on your upcoming product like nothing else. Consider the product that you are putting out and define the type of content marketing strategies you deem best.

This will include things like blogging, social media, spec sheets, YouTube videos, and countless other types of content.

Keep a strong search engine optimization (SEO) foundation with any content that you release related to your new product.

Above all, make sure that you are releasing your content with some strategy. Put together a calendar filled with release dates and nail them one by one during the lead up to your product release.

  1. Tell Stories and Touch on Emotions

It’s not just about what you do with your marketing, but how you do it. You will succeed with your launch when you tell stories as often as possible.

What you are essentially doing is teaching consumers why they need your product — stories are an excellent way to do that. Stories touch on people’s emotions to persuade them to see things your way.

This is why so many commercials and advertisements are so effective at reaching consumers. Determine the emotional response you are going for and use some artistry to craft your narrative.

  1. Name Your Goals and Plan Out Every Part of the Product Launch

Even if you’re the most skillful marketer in the world, you have to start by knowing where you’re going and what you hope to accomplish. Set clear goals early when you are planning out your product launch marketing.

This goal could mean a specific number of sales. It could also mean a dollar amount in revenue. Once you know what you’re trying to achieve with the launch, your marketing strategies will begin to take care of themselves.

  1. Build Hype Through Preorders

Consider any item that had a craze around it, and chances are high that the manufacturer made use of pre-orders. Using pre-orders is an excellent way to inform people about your product and to build some hype around it.

It creates a sense of scarcity that makes people want to jump on the project and spread the word. This is an excellent way for you to get your numbers up and have sales waiting for you well before your product even launches.

  1. Get Some Well-Written Press Releases

Always create an effective press release to go with your product launch.

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Press releases are still one of the most effective forms of media that you can create.

They are so effective because they explain exactly what a product does, who it serves, and what makes it unique. Your press release can be as straightforward or creative as you would like — just make sure it’s professionally written.

Professional writers will help you use engaging language that prompts people to take action.

  1. Retool Your Website and Make it Fast

Finding ways to make your website faster will help you out more than you know.

The last thing you would want is to spend so much time hyping up your product, only to have your website crash or run sluggishly once people visit it on launch day.

Reinforce your website by hiring a developer that can run it through a series of tests to make sure that it is viable and useful. They can correct bugs and simplify your website so that it runs speedily and efficiently, one click at a time.

  1. Figure Out Which Media Outlets and Influencers to Reach Out To

Make sure that you know who you’re sending your press releases to and booking information interviews with.

Consider your niche and learn the movers and shakers in media that are relevant to your industry. This will help you to reach out to the right magazines, newspapers, TV outlets, radio hosts, and other media companies that can help you out. In this day and age, you also should hone in on social media influencers, many of whom have audiences of a few million people.

Build a database of these outlets and influencers and figure out what you can do to cross-promote.

  1. Don’t Play it Safe

Status quo should never be part of your formula. Chances are great that no matter how amazing your product is, someone else offers the same product or something similar to it.

Being disruptive is the only way that you’re going to cut through the noise and get people interested in your product. Because of this, playing it safe should never be on your agenda.

Take chances, be bold, and think outside the box to get attention during your product launch.

Put Together the Best Product Launch Marketing Plan

The points above will help you out to the fullest when you’re creating a product launch marketing plan. These are universal tips that apply to any product, be it digital or physical.

Make sure to put together rock-solid team that can help you out each step of the way.

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