5 Workplace Fire Safety Tips to Follow at All Times

Fires can happen anywhere, and the workplace is no exception. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that in 2018, American fire departments responded to over 36 million calls.

A fire in the workplace should be avoided at all costs. Fire poses a threat to the safety of your employees and can put you out of business.

Keep reading for five workplace fire safety tips that will help keep you and your employees safe.

  1. Maintain Your Fire Safety Equipment

Every workplace should be equipped with proper fire safety equipment. Namely, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.

Make sure all employees know where these are, how they work, and how to use them. Smoke alarms should have their batteries routinely replaced. Instead of waiting until you remember, try picking two days every year to check your smoke detector batteries.

Fire extinguishers also expire. The nozzle of your fire extinguisher will indicate when it will be due for a recharge or replacement. You should be able to do this easily at a dedicated facility in your area.

For your safety, never let your fire extinguisher expire. Check it throughout the year.

  1. Store and Dispose of Hazardous Waste

If your worksite deals with potentially hazardous material, make sure it is stored according to code. Train every employee so that they also know the safe ways to store chemicals and other flammable substances.

Furthermore, do not let toxic waste sit. Have a regular plan in place for disposing of flammable materials. Not doing so increases your risk for a fire-related work accident.

  1. Maintain Electrical Equipment

Electrical issues can result in fire. Always keep an eye out for faulty wiring, or for outlets that have overloaded. Ignoring these issues puts you at risk for a workplace fire.

This is especially important if your worksite is in an old building. For safety, have an experienced electrician come out and evaluate your set-up.

  1. Post an Exit Plan

No matter where you work, it is always important to post an exit plan in case of a fire.

If you work in a large building, it is prudent to post different exit plans based on location within the building. Show people how they could exit in an emergency.

Furthermore, make sure that the paths to all of these exits are clear and accessible. Too often, people accidentally block off potential building exits. This hinders fire safety in the workplace.

  1. Appoint a Workplace Fire Warden

How do you make sure that your workplace stays on top of all of these things? Appoint someone to be the workplace fire warden. This person will be in charge of monitoring the smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and posting exit plans.

This person will also be tasked with adapting the fire safety approach as necessary. They’ll be the ones to seek an annual fire safety statement so that your job site never falls behind.

Workplace Fire Safety Tips for a Protected Working Environment

No one should have to feel unsafe at work. And if you follow these workplace fire safety tips, you’ll substantially decrease your risk for a fire-related accident.

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