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Concrete Contractors: 5 Important Tips to help you in Winnipeg

The process of getting and hiring a professional concrete contractor that is qualified, honest and dependable is never an easy task. Most homeowners are never keen on going through the concrete contractor hiring process and hire the first company they interview without researching the finer details. For example, failing to ask general contractors in Winnipeg the right type of questions until the point when the project has started can result in delayed completion time and added costs to you. Below are five important tips that will help you get the best concrete contractor.

1. Portfolio

It is important that you ask each concrete contractor you interview for their portfolio. The best concrete contractors in Winnipeg will always have a gallery of their previous work to offer potential customers a clearer idea of the type of service they offer and what they should expect at the completion of the project. The portfolio will help you visualize what is right for you and provide you with new ideas.

2. Experience

General contractors in Winnipeg with a minimum of five years of experience have definitely demonstrated that they are consistent and reliable in providing quality work. The experienced concrete contractors will always provide their customers with recommendations and insight on how they can get the best outcome for their projects. For example, they will explain to their customers why one concrete type can be more complimentary to your backyard patio over another concrete type.

3. Reputation

It is important that you check on the contractor’s reputation by reading their previous customers’ testimonials and reviews. Be keen on any negative review and check how the concrete contractors in Winnipeg responded or addressed complaints. You can also ask your family members or close friends if they have any contractor in mind and what type of experience they had with them.

4. Insurance

No one would like to be held liable for a mishap that would occur on a job site. It is therefore important that you ask general contractors in Winnipeg  if they have insurance policies and if they are valid. Any top concrete contractor will have worker’s compensation and liability coverage in place. Feel free to contact the insurance firm to verify the timeframe and coverage of the insurance.

5. Pricing

It is important that you request the estimated cost of the project when you are interviewing the contractor. Some of the expenses to keep an eye on include down payment, base material cost, cost of reinforcements and concrete thickness.

It is also appropriate that you know what type of services you will be paying for and what quality to expect before making a final decision.

6. Test their Knowledge and Skills

There are times when narrowing down your list of concrete contractors in Winnipeg can be a problem. One of the best ways you can make your final decision is to assess how comfortable the contractors are when it comes to answering technical questions. For example, you can consider asking how they will ensure they can prevent the driveway from cracking. You can also ask them the complete process they will have to go through before they pour the concrete and continue with the duration of the project.