Get Your Vehicle Insured at the Best Premium Price

Sound research and valuable inputs about vehicle insurance can help you save on premium prices. Apart from logging into car insurance comparison sites to figure out the best premium and plan, you may also want to get first-hand inputs from other insured people. When you start your quest for the best premium rates, do not forget to compare the features and prices alike.

Given below are effective tips to guide your car insurance purchase and assure the best premium costs!

Travel Safely With the Perfect Vehicle Insurance

Watch out for the following factors of consideration while comparing different premiums.

a) IDV

Insured Declared Value or IDV is the maximum sum payable in the event of total loss of your vehicle. You may request your insurance provider to reduce this amount to pave the way for a lower car insurance premium.

b) Voluntary excess

If you volunteer to pay up for a certain amount in case an accident occurs, the sum thus provided can be decreased from your premium. However, in order to go about the act in a proper way, you have to keep your insurance company informed about the same.

c) Less add-ons

Car insurance premium would reduce if you decrease the number of add-ons such as ultrasound sensors or night vision.

d) Immediate assistance

The amount paid by you for immediate assistance can be reduced from your premium amount.

e) Additional cover?

Do you really want cover for loss of personal belongings, vehicle locks, etc.? Adding cover of this kind would raise the premium cost, so choose accordingly.

f) No Claim Bonus

Getting access to No Claim Bonus (NCB) would fetch lucrative discounts. The sum thus discounted would increase if your NCB years increase.

g) Selective drivers

Nominating the best drivers only or preventing under-age people from driving your automobile will also help in premium reduction.

h) Safety features

It is possible to pay lower premium costs for car insurance by investing in safety features such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, and immobilizers.

i) Multiple policies

In case you own more than a single vehicle insurance policy with a given provider, the company may give you a discount on renewals and new auto insurance plans.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind Even Though you have a Vehicle Insurance

If you are prone to safe driving, you will find your vehicle insurance premium cost going down radically. Here are some safety tips that you should know even though you have adequate car coverage in place.

1. Focus on driving

Be attentive at all times while you are behind the steering wheel. Do know that a simple mistake can lead to dire consequences for yourself and others alike. Stay away from mobile usage, multitasking, or other kinds of electronic devices. Always maintain your gaze on the road and the vehicular traffic around you.

2. No speeding

Though high-speed driving provides the adrenalin rush to amateur and professional drivers alike, it can be life-threatening. Drive slow and steady to reach your destination safely.

3. Always expect the unexpected

Driving on Indian roads can be a very tricky affair. In order to remain safe, it is important that you are fully aware of the actions of drivers around you. It is not wrong to assume that they may swerve at the wrong time, apply their brakes at high speed, or overtake you while you are on a curve; be prepared to avoid them at the earliest.

  1. Get prepared to start driving safely

Before you gear up to start driving, it is advisable to adjust your mirrors, seat, and climate controls appropriately.

5. Pack in cargo properly

Securing of all cargo items paves the way for safe driving as things do not move around erratically when your car is in movement.

Get in Touch with Insurance Provider

Drive safely and have adequate vehicle insurance cover in place. These are the two mantras that will help you avoid accidents and their monetary repercussions to a large extent. You may want to compare different insurance plans on sites like before moving ahead – Log in now to get the best vehicle insurance and premium costs online.

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