7 Reasons Why a Photographer Should Consider Renting Studio Space!

If you’re looking for a venue for your next photoshoot, simply continue reading to discover why it’s worth renting studio space at a Hollywood sound studio. 

7 Reasons why a photographer should consider renting studio space:

  1. You have full control over lighting 

Should you choose to rent a Hollywood studio space such as Goya Studios, you’ll be able to have complete control over your lighting. As a studio offer a fully controllable environment. Whereas if you choose to host a photoshoot outdoors or in a regular room, which boasts multiple windows, you’ll have to deal with elements which are out of your control, such as natural sunlight or a lack of natural sunlight. 

  1. Most sound studios offer professional lighting hiring packages 

If you’re a fledgling professional photographer, who is yet to invest in professional lighting. Or you’re a more well-established photographer, who doesn’t want to transport all of your expensive lights, to your upcoming photo shoot. You’ll be thrilled to hear that most Hollywood sound studios boast lighting packages. 

Which means that all you have to do to prepare for your photo shoot, is to turn up with your camera. As you’ll have access to the top of the line production lights, which are used to shoot tv programs and movies. Having professional lighting will instantly give your photographs a professional edge.

  1. You’ll have access to a fully equipped kitchen 

If you rent a Hollywood sound studio, you’ll typically have access to a fully equipped kitchen. Which you can use for craft services. If you plan on hosting a photoshoot which requires models or crew who will need to be fed, throughout the day. 

Alternatively, if you’re a lone wolf and are shooting inanimate objects, you’ll still find having a kitchen to make a cup of coffee, extremely handy. 

  1. You’ll be able to work in complete privacy

If you don’t want to put up with ringing phones, construction noises or nosy neighbors, it’s well worth hiring a private sound studio. As essentially a sound studio is a massive, empty space, which is protected by a team of security personnel. 

  1. You’ll have use of a professional production office

If you prefer to edit your photos on the go or foresee yourself having to take business calls or respond to urgent work-related emails, you’ll be able to retreat to your very own production office. Which boasts high-speed internet, which will give you the option of being able to send freshly edited photos directly to your client.

  1. A sound studio boasts a variety of backgrounds

Whether you’d prefer a plain white background or you’re looking for a particular style of background such as a brick wall inspired background, chances are that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 

  1. Private car parks

You won’t have any difficulties finding a car park, as if you choose to hire a sound studio, you’ll be given use of a private car park for the day.

So if you’re looking for a large, controlled environment to shoot your next photo shoot, you simply can’t go wrong hiring out a Hollywood sound stage studio!