Tips To Improve Your Garage’s Security in Richmond Hill

An automatic door opener in Richmond Hill is a great convenience, especially when used in a garage. But, while most people find it useful and functional, it also seems to be a weak link in your garage’s and consequently, your home’s security. An automatic door opener in Richmond Hill is designed with an emergency release lever which features a hanging cord. Most often, this lever is ignored and only remembered when there is a power blackout, and the automatic door can no longer open by itself. Pulling this cord down will raise the garage door manually.

In addition, this cord (connected to a lever), can be used to gain entry into your home when you accidentally lock yourself out of your house. And yes, for some homeowners, this happens far too often than they care to admit. But unfortunately, there are some malicious individuals who may take advantage of this feature in your garage system and break into your home. If you would like to eliminate this chance or make it extremely difficult for strangers to gain entry into your home, below are some tips you could implement.

Tips to increase your garage’s security

Disable the emergency release lever

This is the best way to ensure that no one gains entry into your home using simple coat hanger tricks. However, this will also mean that you too cannot gain entry into your home through your garage.

Cover all your windows

Using the coat hanger trick, it is easy to trip the emergency lever when you can see what it is you are doing on the other side of the room. Without a clear line of vision, this task suddenly becomes daunting. It will take even a professional burglar a considerable amount of effort and time to gain entry into your home. Frosted windows will work to increase your garage’s security, as well. Speaking of frosted windows, they are the best option, as they also work to let in the light.

Motion sensor lights

Installing motion sensors over the garage door will help to reduce the chance of a break-in at night. Most burglars are usually not too keen to carry out their malicious acts under bright light.

Install security cameras in Markham

Security cameras in Markham will increase your garage’s security. Security cameras can be used to capture footage of the burglars or ward them off, depending on how the installation is done. If you install the security cameras in a visible place, most burglars will think twice before trying anything. If you decide to have it hidden, the burglars may gain entry into your garage successfully, but you will have them on tape. The tape can be used as evidence against them in a court of law.

Turn off the power

Without power, the automatic door opener in Richmond Hill  will not work. When you travel out of town, or at night, you can unplug the opener from the power source, or if you have it connected to a wall switch, you can flip the switch.


These tips are bound to increase your garage security a great deal. Be keen on implementing these tips and you will never have to worry about break-ins.