Minimize Phishing attacks with Fraudwatch International’s Anti-phishing Protection Services

Online scammers are abundant or rampant nowadays. Before they totally dominate or take control to the online world, FraudWatch international interrupts them regarding with their online criminal activity. Who else wants to be scammed? It’s quite obvious that nobody wants. FraudWatch international has been there for a long time to irregulate phishing activities. Two things core them up since 2003: Phishing prevention and anti-phishing solution. Those things make them the best and expert in the industry. With their services, online world will be the best place to create virtual transactions.

Phishing attacks: how it works and how will it be minimized?

Impersonating the organization, through the use of fake websites and email to have an access to private information that is best referred to phishing. This type of online activity attacks the online world and victimize innocent online users. Phishing criminals are getting new techniques and strategies to cover up their activities. Phishing attacks made by criminals are on the top list of FraudWatch International. FraudWatch International is focused on disrupting these attacks in the most effective way. These includes finding and removing the site that harvests the personal and financial details of the clients. Method is made by proactively monitoring activity with the use of proprietary software and denying the content through human and technical interaction with connections to network providers. The development of anti-phishing service makes their work assured qualitatively. Anti-phishing software will aid or minimize phishing attacks.

Anti-phishing service and its features

Without phishing attacks then anti-phishing service will not be created or invented. Online criminals take advantage of the internet to earn something that make their life easier and the sad this is that they worked illegally. FraudWatch International is there to get rid of those criminal attacks known as “phishing attacks” and the development of anti-phishing service will serve the online world well with these features:

  • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring
  • Domain registration monitoring
  • Premium detection capabilities
  • Proprietary scanning tools
  • Vishing and SMS/ Smishing takedowns
  • 100% Phishing site success rate
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Constant innovation development with trends
  • Specialized security analysts
  • End-to-end, fully managed solutions
  • Fast site takedowns- 4-hour median SLA with penalties

Those are some of the features and be protected while doing stuffs online. Don’t get hooked with “phishing attacks”. Have FraudWatch International be your online guardian.