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Caring For Your Dog While Home and Away in Aldergrove

Is your pup the love of your life? Some people are cat people, some people are dog people, and the rest – well, who cares?


Maybe you first came to love dogs when you were a child and you had your favourite dog in the world by your side. Or you’ve always really felt like you were a dog person over a cat person.


Maybe you learned to love dogs as an adult when you finally or accidentally wound up with an amazing dog (be very careful when going to shelters or private certified providers of dogs or puppies because you may just walk home with one and it will change your life for the better).


Whether you’re at home or going away for a bit, here are some ways you can have your dog receive the best of care. Puppies and grown dogs benefit from care, attention, and maybe even a bit of classical music. Read on and find out more about how to care for your dog and have your dog cared for no matter where you are!


Caring For Your Dog While Home and Away


While Home


– Go for a walk or a run.


Your dog loves to get exercise and spend time out in the world with you! Make it a daily habit that makes you and your dog’s day.

– Do something they want to do.

It could be cuddles, belly rubs, a run, a walk, or just playing fetch. Dogs love to interact and have some good quality one on one time.

– Play some music.

If you’re not convinced that your dog likes to hear a little music just like you, try it out. Studies done in Europe recently concluded that dogs really like music. While they’re going to have a good time listening to any music, studies concluded that they liked soft rock, classical, and pop, and didn’t end up taking to metal. So, the next time you are home or leaving, put on some music, and watch your dog visibly relax and feel a little happier! Just don’t blast it and they’ll likely be pleased.


While Away

– Make sure they have their favourite toy.

Whether you are pet boarding or having your dog stay with a friend, a familiar toy is all that is required when it comes to providing that feeling of comfort. Your dog is going to miss you! Make sure they don’t miss their toy, too, and their routine stays the same.

– Find them a good place to stay when it comes to pet boarding.

If you’re leaving on a jet plane and don’t know exactly when you are going to be home again, then you may want to look into your boarding options. Aldergrove kennels make pet boarding easy and it’s just like a hotel for your dog. The staff will make sure that your pup is well looked after and gets all the food, water, and exercise that they need. Aldergrove kennels are the perfect place to book your dog into so call and see if they have appointments today.


– Call to say hello.

Your pup will recognize your voice and be so happy you took the time to call or FaceTime with them! They’ll jump up and down for joy. It just takes a second, but they really know that it’s you!