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5 Tips to Build Better Converting Twitter Traffic

Twitter is a great platform to follow the latest news, the latest trends, networks of influencers, and even the tweets of our favorite celebrities. These days It’s not easy to get authentic twitter followers.If you are a marketer or you own a business, Twitter takes a more severe meaning because it is an interesting and necessary tool to manage the traffic of your blog, website or landing page. In this article, we will share with you five tips for managing Twitter traffic to your site and ask some of my influencers to contribute to this article!

1.    The Editorial Line is Paramount

Writing, proofreading, correcting relevant headlines is one of the cornerstones of blog writing for success, and Twitter is no exception. Today, more than ever, editors rely on captions to tell a story and attract the reader.


  • Quoted offers and therefore with relevant titles receive 18% more clicks and 29.8% more retweets.
  • Titles with numbers have an additional 15% Click through Rate (CTR).
  • Feel free to include some key quotes in your articles.
  • Make tweets with less than 100 characters, so you do not lose your player and get a better CTR.

2.    Use Relevant Images

We all know that using relevant photos will lead to positive feedback on social networks. Using good pictures in a tweet can dramatically increase your click-through rate: 18% on average. From my own experience, tweets that contain images that match your site/landing page are the ones that generate the most success. It is because the image allows the user to make continuity with the article they will read. It is reassured by the fact that they are in the right place. In any case, the bounce rate will be lower.

3.    Shorten Your Links

If you are doing a Twitter campaign for your landing page, you will usually have a very long URL. It is not necessarily a problem until you have to post this URL on Twitter. When you put the URL in a tweet, two things happen:


  • First, you lose a lot of space for your characters.
  • Then you discourage people from clicking.

Fortunately, there are online tools that shorten the links to solve this problem. And they do not do that – they can also help you track your blog traffic from Twitter.

4.    Use hashtags

We know that using hashtags is a plus to increase engagement and interactions that ultimately result in more clicks on your blog. Individuals can see a 100% increase in their commitment by using them while brands can see a 50% increase. That said, do not let go too much on hashtags. Tweets with one or two hashtags have a 21% higher engagement than tweets with three or more.

5.    Sponsor your tweets

Promoted tweets help you deliver content to your target audience rather than simply showing it to all your followers without segmenting. It means that the people who are targeted by your ads and who will read your blog articles will be more potential prospects.


Promoted tweets are labeled as “sponsored” but are the same as normal tweets. They can be retweeted, answered and liked. If you pay to promote your tweets, then you will need good hooks: pictures, hashtags, and messages to broadcast. The goal is to manage and amplify the engagement of your tweets, especially when you pay for it.


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