How to Quickly Cut Costs From Your Office Budget

Employees seem to think that businesses have an endless supply of cash. And while a well-run business will have a good amount, this doesn’t mean that it can afford a bloated office budget.

If you own or operate a business and an office and are looking for easy ways to reduce your expenses, this article can help.

Consolidate Your Providers

Over time it is likely that you will have accumulated quite a number of different suppliers. And while they may all offer you their best individual rate, you can bet that they can offer a much more cost-effective package if you agree to bundle a number of your services with them.

The best way to go about this is to make a list of all your recurring office expenses, such as electricity, water, internet access, website hosting, cell phone service, and speak with each of your providers about which they can also offer you and at what price.

If you do take this tip, it’s important that you remember not to put all of your eggs in the one basket. That is to say, be sure to keep a small range of providers, so that in the event that one of them fails to provide their services you have a level of redundancy.

Utilize Coupons

Just like you use the Groupon Coupons page for Emirates to keep your costs down when you and your family travel, so too can your business take advantage of these deals. Instead of booking through an agent, have your staff book direct using platforms like these.

Of course, this tip doesn’t just apply to travel. Any office items that you need can often be found for a much cheaper price by utilizing discounts and vouchers ranging from staplers, photocopier toner, right through to the computers you use to operate your business.

Does the Brand of Notebook Really Matter?

Unless you are catering to design staff, there is no real reason why the notebook which your staff use need to be the best brand made from the best paper to give the best writing experience. No real reason at all.

Instead, speak with your stationery supplier about swapping all of your orders over to a generic brand supplier. Even better, if possible, look to move your orders to the supplier themselves who likely already offer such a range of cost-effective products.

While you may have to deal with a few complaints after you make the initial switch, you can bet that the cost immediate cost savings which you will see will greatly outweigh any small office dramas.

Re-Negotiate Your Contracts

Can you remember the last time that you spoke with your electricity provider about the rate you pay? How about your health insurance provider? If it has been a while since you have spoken to your contracted suppliers then now is the perfect time to revisit your arrangements.

Look through your business contracts to see which ones have expired and speak with the provider about a new rate. While the rate you are paying now may have been the best one at the time, you can bet that it isn’t any longer.

When it comes to budget line items, office expenses are often the easiest and the quickest to reduce by using a few simple tips and tricks like the ones above.