4 More Content KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Keeping track of your website’s Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, is crucial to understanding how well your site is performing. Keeping abreast of this information allows you to take any necessary steps to address problems, whether that’s to do with the quality of information that you’re providing or uncovering aspects of your site that are causing problems for prospective customers.

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We’ve already addressed the top four KPIs that you need to be keeping track of in an earlier article, and here we’ll be taking a look at four more KPIs that you need to be aware of.

1. Page Views

Not to be confused with Unique Views, which look at the website as a whole, Page Views can provide in-depth information about the amount of time that a visitor spends on each page of the site. One or two people dropping out of an article part-way through may not be a problem, but if numerous visitors are leaving a particular page, it could be an indication that something needs to be changed.

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2. Click Patterns

Sophisticated tools allow you to ascertain not just which pages are generating interest on your website but even which parts of pages are getting high viewing figures. This sort of information is absolutely invaluable for any business owner keen to see an increase in profit margins and can benefit from professional analysis. You can easily source professional SEO services in London and throughout the UK, with companies such as Elevate UK offering in-depth analysis of your website that can help to inform your future marketing strategy.

3. Social Media Traffic

According to Forbes, a failure to capitalise on social media trends could be costing your business serious money. The need and desire to share information across social media platforms is now an essential aspect of marketing, so make it easy for your visitors to share their experiences, and analyse their online behaviour to see the effect that this has on your visitor numbers and subsequent sales.

4. On-Site Comments

Allowing your customers to comment on your content, blog posts, products and services allows them to more fully engage with your brand – something which most website visitors are extremely keen to do these days. Embrace both positive and negative comments, allowing them to guide you as you strive to increase your sales figures.


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