2 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Promotion To Manager

The majority of individuals in marketing have a great deal of professional aspirations, the primary goal being an eventual entrance into the world of management. And yet, undergoing the transition from an everyday employee in a marketing department to a marketing manager is not always the easiest journey to make – successfully becoming a managerial entity entails a lot of elements that are not often vocalized. No matter how much training one undergoes to foster a triumphant transition, it takes a while to adjust to the new mindset, which often feels like having one’s initial position turned on its head.

Luckily, with tips from financial recruitment experts and marketing connoisseurs, such as the team at IQ Partners and elsewhere, it’s easy to understand precisely just what one has to do in order to make this conversion process productive; if you don’t have the institutional power of a recruitment team on your side for the time being, however, it’s helpful to do a bit of one’s own research during their spare time. The following, then, outlines a few things to remember when attempting to ascend a meritocracy.

  1. Work, Work, Work!

Just because you’ve finally made it to a higher rank, doesn’t mean that your work is done. On the contrary, this is just the beginning, and that’s why it’s important to get started on any managerial tasks as soon as possible. Additionally, a successful transition necessitates mapping out your goals in your new position – i.e. what you want to make of it and how you will attain these items. Indeed, even if you’ve reached a top-tier position, it’s helpful to imagine that you have even higher positions that you can reach with a little extra hard work and dedication. If at first you don’t succeed in somehow elevating yourself even further, then try and try again.

  1. Manage As Though You’ve Been In Power Since Day One

No doubt, a managerial position is entirely different from your previous position and, with this, comes a much-needed adjustment to your state of mind. Given that you are no longer working from the bottom-up, and are, instead, a top-down figure, it’s important to ensure that you are no longer thinking like an employee and that you adapt your skillset accordingly. If you can continue exactly where the last manager left-off, but in a more refined way, this will certainly help you to be perceived as a boss-like figure, as legacies and respect for tradition matter greatly in large corporate settings. When in doubt, seek outside help by way of private conversations with your peers or by taking a professional development course – there is a great deal of literature available for young managers to sift through, as well as intimate seminars and large conferences.

By way of educating oneself, there are plenty of options to help you grow into the manager you always knew you would and could become; with hacks like these, you’ll be sure to impress both your peers and your employees in one fell swoop.

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