When Should You Use Large Item Moving Companies in Kelowna?

Do you have a fire safe or a gun safe that you need moved to your new home? Do you own other kinds of large and heavy items like a piano, sofas, televisions, kitchen appliances, beds, industrial grade heating and cooling equipment and other kinds of large and awkwardly heavy equipment that you would like to move to a different location? Fortunately, you can rely on the movers who specialize in large item moving in Kelowna.

1. Oddly Shaped Household Items

Unlike the oddly shaped items, household belongings that can be fitted into a large case or box are generally easier to move. Even something as large as a mattress will present no challenges during moving, unlike an oddly shaped glass coffee table.

Securing and carrying the oddly shaped household items is difficult because the body is not able to support them. Gravity carries the momentum of the awkwardly shaped items, which makes the items feel as though they are falling when being carried. While these items are movable, they require extra manpower, caution, care, and time.

2. Pianos

Yes, pianos are oddly shaped, but they are unlike any of the heavy items you will ever move. Moving a piano feels like moving a hippo or an elephant. It’s inherently dangerous and awkward to move one. The good news is that Kelowna movers use specific cranes and dollies, which are meant for moving pianos. However, the process involved in piano moving is a tedious undertaking. Depending on the moving distance and your preferred mover, the cost of the move will vary from one service provider to another.

3. Slippery Items

To move any item, you should be able to hold and lift it off the ground. Slippery items like pottery with slick finishes make this a big challenge. If possible, it is advisable that you pack all slippery items in a box, as this makes it easier for your chosen Kelowna movers to carry and move the items. Furthermore, boxing the items safeguards them from potential damage.

The items aforementioned give you an idea of what large item moving companies can handle. You can talk to the professional movers about your moving requirements and most are happy to discuss the details of the move while letting you know exactly what to expect.

The regularly shaped household items, such as TVs, mattresses, furniture, and other similar items are also difficult to transport, unless you enlist the help of a large item moving company from within your locality. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you hire professional Kelowna movers for a safe and smooth move. Remember, proper planning of the move, as well as the correct packing procedures applied by Kelowna movers, makes the process easier while minimizing the possibility of moving-related damage.

For peace of mind, hire licensed, bonded, and insured movers. Also, you might want to consider the movers who have handled many moves over the years. Most experienced movers move items fast and carefully. Whether your move involves simple or complex logistics, you can expect professional movers in Kelowna to pull it off.

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