Surefire Tips for Hiring a Graphic Design Company for Your Business in Edmonton

Choosing a graphic designer may prove to be a challenging, and, to a great extent, an intimidating task for most individuals, especially those who are not tech savvy and know little or nothing about graphic design. But contrary to popular belief, choosing a professional for graphic design in Edmonton is nothing like searching for a unicorn. The process is simple and similar to hiring other professionals. The trick is in knowing what to look for in the best graphic designer.


Below are some tips to shed some light on how you should go about choosing a graphic designer that best suits your needs. The process involves knowing the skills a graphic designer should have.


This is by far the most essential skill a graphic designer should have. Without this skill, no graphic designer can be successful on the career path they chose. So, before you ask the potential candidate about the degrees they have, you should try and determine their creativity level. This is far more important than a college degree or experience. Believe it or not, the Nike design, one of the most famous logos in the world, was designed by a college student as his very first project and design.


Knowledge of design software


Decades ago, graphic designers were required to come up with designs using pencils or pens alone. However, with the introduction of new technology, a lot of graphic design in Edmonton is done digitally. As such, it is crucial that a designer knows his/her software of choice in and out like the back of his/her hand. These types of design software include Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and more.




A lot of graphic design today requires a bit of text. Some graphic designs are all text and some that combine images and vectors with texts. Whichever the case, a graphic designer should have extensive knowledge of typography. With the business world growing more competitive day by day, you cannot afford to hire a company that will delegate your project to an individual who will use default and common fonts like Jokeman, Candara and Arial. New and unique fonts are preferred.


Firm Understanding of Light and Colours


Colours and light play a vital role in graphic design. Just one wrong colour
choice can cause the design to lack its attractiveness and beauty, and hence,
fail to communicate the intended message. A great designer must at all times
have a good understanding of the colours and light and proceed to use them in
the right way to enhance the design.


Layout Knowledge


For any graphic design, the layout is a core tool. If the designer lacks knowledge in design layout then he/she cannot come up with a design that is both functional and practical. Not all designs created in Illustrator or Photoshop automatically become famous logos. The same goes for all other graphic designs
Order a Trial Project


With creative work, you can never really know the outcome until you have tried it or have gone through client testimonials and deliveries. Before you spend a lot of money on the project, you should first order a paid trial project. It would work to your advantage if the company you choose also offers photocopy services.
How so? Well, printing can be quite expensive, especially if you are looking to distribute to lots of people. A graphic design company with photocopy services will help you lower the costs and save time.


Making the above considerations, you should land the best graphic design company – one that suits your needs and project requirements.


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