A Guide to Serviced Offices and Increased Productivity    

Serviced offices have revolutionised the way in which businesses lease office space. While it is not a new concept, the serviced office has reduced the amount of time needed to open or relocate a new business. However, those are just a few of the numerous benefits.

One of the major benefits to the serviced office is its ability to translate efficient office leasing into more productivity on behalf of the business and its employees. Whether working in a large metropolitan area or in some of the smaller residential enclaves, the serviced office can really impact your office leasing experience. Check out the Servcorp office space leasing to see the variety of options available to professionals, including the serviced office.

Keep reading below for more information regarding serviced offices and how they can boost your office’s productivity.

The Layout 

The typical serviced office offers professionals the opportunity to lease fully furnished space. These offices are usually fitted out with the latest internet technology and the highest quality furniture, some of them resembling the corporate offices that characterise white-shoe office space. More importantly, most offices are in prime locations.


A great feature of the serviced office is that these prime locations tend to also be in pricier parts of town. The great thing is that while your office is located in some of the more desirable parts of the city you do not pay the excessive rent that goes along with the location. More importantly, the serviced office allows you to get the benefit of a professional address and dedicated phone number without the added expense.

In terms of productivity, being in a prime location can make or break a business. Depending on your industry, you might need to be an area where there is a constant flow of foot traffic throughout the day. More significantly, your location does add a certain amount of prestige and professionalism to your business.


The serviced office tends to also leave professionals with a little more flexibility, where leasing is concerned, as many of the leases are very flexible. For one, serviced office leases are much shorter than the traditional lease which can be at minimum a year and at maximum seven. Furthermore, conventional leases not only lock you into a protracted lease, but they do not allow for any flexibility if you decide to relocate or expand. With many serviced office leases, there is a certain amount of scalability. You can expand or minimise your office needs without the added expense and time.

This flexibility also translates in terms of the amount of time you devote to having to relocate or expand your business. Furthermore, with some of the larger office solutions companies, you might find that you can actually test markets without it being overly expensive. Ultimately, this versatility can translate in your productivity.


Because much of what you are leasing is all-inclusive (rent plus utilities and other amenities), your monthly rent is reduced significantly. This is important because you lease office space that comes with world-class internet technology and services, some administrative staffing, a receptionist, phone and other amenities. In the end, you end up getting more from the serviced office lease than you would had you gone the conventional route. More importantly, these saving translate into your overall productivity.

Serviced Offices As A Catalyst For Productivity 

Because of the flexibility of these plans, you ultimately save time in looking for suitable office space. More importantly, though, you save in terms of money. For businesses looking to maximise every dollar, the serviced office can alleviate some of the major issues related to leasing space in Australia’s major urban centres and thereby allowing you to become more productive.


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