Why Your Business Needs an Automated Customer Service Platform

Lines are long in retail stores. When I do shop, I try to go during the week so that no one is in line ahead of me. Most of the time I only need one or two things, but there is no quick fix. I have to wait it out with the rest of the customers. Reasons you may install an automated customer service system in your retail store can include, billing, activation, and quick returns.


All retail stores are not created equal. The stores that offer credit accounts or other services where a payment would be mailed in or completed on the internet, this section is for you. Allowing customers to handle things as simple as a bill payment without waiting in a cashier’s line can do wonders for time. It’s easier to go online and take care of everything, but we’re talking about for customers who are in the area, shopping for other things or are at other stores and decide to pop in to your retail store to pay a bill. They don’t need to tie up the line for current shoppers. Once you get them in your store they may see something they are interested in enough to actually wait in the line.


Retail stores that sell cell phones can use an in-store platform where customers who think they want to take their device home and connect it can actually do it in the store without the pressure of a customer service person doing for them. The line would move much faster if there was an automated system completing the task. This activation system can also be programmed to implement warranties for the big stores. Instead of adding the warranty on at time of purchase maybe the person can come back to the store after they’ve thought about it and scan their receipt, make the payment and start the process.

Quick Returns

Self-checkout in grocery stores has taught me that there is no size limit to platform a person can use to make a purchase. Why not use one of those platforms for returns. If the return doesn’t make sense, there’s a service rep who can check and sign off on the return. The person drops the product into the collection area and moves on. We’re not trying to eliminate jobs, we’re just trying to help retailers run more efficiently. With only two registers open in most retail stores there’s no way anyone would lose a job by adding at least one automated system.


Automated customer service systems may just be a dream right now. They may even exist in some areas. I know the billing option is available in select locations. The goal here is to make your business more attractive by satisfying customers as quickly as possible. There are several stores that have great deals that I won’t shop at because I simply don’t have the hour to spend waiting to check out. An Automated customer service machine can cut lines down tremendously. The machine can handle billing, activation, and quick returns for your loyal customers.