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Touring Bikes Versus Cruisers: The Key Differences in Lloydminster

Besides the satisfaction you get from knowing you own a Harley, acquiring a new bike from a Harley dealer in Cold Lake allows you to enjoy numerous other benefits. However, you need to choose your bike wisely. The most fun to ride bikes you could ever ride are touring bikes and cruisers. These bikes are similar in many aspects. They are huge, powerful, and are typical highway-shredding machines. However, when you’re buying a Harley Davidson in Lloydminster, you will notice that bikes vary depending on how you intend to use them. Below we explore some of the differences between cruisers and highway bikes. Continue reading to discover more about these amazing bikes.

Cruiser: The Benefits You Can Expect

If your desire is style and ultimate power, then you might want to consider buying a cruiser bike. Your typical cruiser is designed for hard riding. Even so, they look fantastic on the highways. However, they come with design and feature components that would not work for the touring bikes. If you will mostly do weekend trips and rides within town, then a cruiser would suit you perfectly.


Most modern cruisers are stripped down, which gives them a raw look. The focus is more on power, meaning they are not decorated heavily with accessories like other bikes.


The manufacturers of cruisers lay great emphasis on power-to-weight ratio. The bikes rely on big and powerful engines that are air-cooled. The legendary engines, including the V-Twin and the panhead, were meant for cruiser bikes. To increase power-to-weight ratio, cruisers are stripped of unnecessary features, thereby giving them more punch.


Cruisers have been customized for the longest time. These motorcycles are often transformed in many different ways, which makes them resemble the bobbers or old school choppers, hill climbers, and baggers. Adjusting your cruiser to suit your kind of riding experience is what makes it a fun experience owning one.

Touring Bikes: The Benefits of Owning a Touring Bike

A touring bike is a wonderful option for the simple reason that you will enjoy many memorable moments riding across the country while enjoying the scenery. It is the sort of bike that will take you on memorable trips that you will always tell your children about. Whether you prefer to go on a long-distance trip or rally across different towns, a touring bike will be perfect for you. If you wish to invest in a quality touring bike, then you should consider buying a Harley Davidson in Lloydminster.


Long bike rides can take a toll on your body. Thankfully, touring bikes are designed to provide riders with a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. Ergonomic riding and seating postures ensure you don’t get too tired. A cruiser incorporates a windshield to lower fatigue levels caused by the wind. Mid-frame air deflectors are also used to shield riders from the heat produced by the engine.


Touring bikes have top-side boxes or saddlebags, meaning you get more space to store your luggage during long trips. Consequently, you can pack everything you might need to prolong your trip.


Since touring bikes have more space, they come with many additional features, including audio systems, in-frame storage, in-dash infotainment, and more. With all these features, even the longest trip will seem like a short one.

If you plan to take long-distance trips on your bike, then a touring bike is worth your consideration. You can actually check out the various models available by visiting a reputable Harley dealer in Cold Lake. Note that acquiring a brand new Harley Davidson in Lloydminster is a worthwhile move.