License and Registry Services Offered in Edmonton

Whether you want to register your newly acquired vehicle, want to apply for a driver’s license, start or incorporate a company, or even register for healthcare insurance, you need to ensure that your information is captured by the right agencies. However, the whole process of obtaining the right documents can be lengthy, complex, time-consuming and also expensive, especially if you will opt to do it by yourself.

License and Registry Services Offered in Edmonton

If you need quick and affordable registry services in Edmonton, you will find single-source providers of the same. These agents are authorized by the Canadian government to offer different registry services for different clients. Moreover, their robust systems enable them to offer these services in a quick, efficient and reliable manner. Whether you are planning a company incorporation or business registration in Edmonton, these registry service providers can help. They offer:

1. Company Incorporation in Edmonton

These agents are experienced in corporate name reservations and company incorporation in Edmonton and its environs. Their expert staffs are able to quickly, efficiently and reliably help you incorporate your newly formed company, declare its trade name or partnership and even file the annual returns, among other services. The incorporation package may include:

a) The NUANS name searches and reservation, if needed
b) The incorporation itself
c) The corporate seal
d) Minute book

2. Health Care Insurance Registration

These agencies are also known to provide a reliable in-person channel for Alberta Health Care account registration and changes. This means that if you are a resident of Alberta, you can actually update your coverage information, such as changing your names, marital status, adding or removing dependents and even updating your address. These experts can also help you to renew or even change status if you are a citizen of another country.

3. Personal Property Searches and Registration

The law requires that all bankruptcy registrations, court judgments, liens or security interests on any property be registered. This can help in determining priorities during the property distribution or recovery and it can also provide the evidence of authorization for garnishment, seizure, as well as evidence for restricting enforcement, such as bankruptcy, or liens of any expired security interest. Searching the PPR system before accepting a personal property or before purchasing one will enable you to know whether that particular property is currently subject to any other registration.

4. Motor Vehicle Registration

Registering your vehicle does not need to be a struggle, since these agencies can help you accomplish this in a quick and reliable manner. They will protect your personal information and make the whole process of your motor vehicle registration smoother. To eliminate any incidences of identity theft, these agents will require proof of identity.

The registry agencies also offer commissioner of oaths services, translation services, vital statistics services, land title searches and registration, among other things. Moreover, their robust systems enable them to offer their registry services in a quick, effective and reliable manner. Whether you need reliable business registration in Edmonton, or need assistance for your company incorporation in Edmonton, these agencies have professionals that can help.

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