Hydrovac – The Benefits Versus Conventional Methods of Excavating

Utility companies often need to access buried utility lines.  Buried power lines, water mains, sewer systems, and telecommunications cables need to be fixed, added to, or maintained.  Before you call in the backhoe or team of shovels, think about the dangers that mechanical excavation methods pose.   Have you tried a hydrovac truck?

What is hydrovac?
Hydro excavating is a process that combines pressurized water with an industrial strength vacuum. When used together, a hydrovac can both excavate soil and then move it to another location as well.

What is Hydrovac Used For?
Hydrovac can be used for all kinds of non-destructive digging.

Mainly it is used to excavate buried utility lines, or to visually verify that no buried utility lines exist before mechanical excavation.  There’s really no better way to “daylight” utility lines than with a hydrovac truck. Backhoes can damage existing underground infrastructure, and in many cases it’s actually illegal to dig without first daylighting.

There is no faster or efficient way of digging than hydrovac excavation.  On top of that, the water can be heated and used to dig hard frozen ground during the winter months.

Hydrovac crews can also use long extension hoses to reach out-of-the-way spots such as back yards with minimal disruption to lawns and landscaping.

Hydrovac services are also environmentally friendly, as minimal earth is removed.  Pin-point holes can be dug quite deep, minimizing the environmental impact.  On top of that, the resulting slurry can be separated, and the soil can be returned to the ground after processing.

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