Employee Training Courses Every Employer Should Consider

In today’s ever changing business landscape, it is becoming more and more essential to ensure employees are equipped with a certain amount of basic knowledge on a number of topics. Sensitive subjects like sexual harassment or bullying in the workplace are being confronted more openly than ever before. The #MeToo movement in Hollywood is just one recent example of this.

In the past, many employee training courses were considered superfluous or only necessary in some fields and professions, but that just isn’t true anymore. While there are many benefits to various employee training courses, programs that specifically and proactively address sensitive topics can go a long way towards eliminating potential problems, lawsuits, and hostile work environments before they ever occur. If you have been thinking about introducing a new training course in your company, here are a few you will want to consider.

Sexual harassment training 

This type of training can be universally applied to any workplace, whether that be a conventional office space or a construction site. Inter-workplace dynamics between employees can be complicated. Most of us want to be friendly with our co-workers, but it’s also important to realize that a certain level of professionalism is always necessary. While this sentiment may seem obvious to many, some employees may be making others feel uncomfortable without even realizing.

While it may have been adequate in the past to simply lay out employee guidelines, rules, and best practices in your company handbook, that isn’t the case anymore when it comes to sexual harassment. Confronting the issue head on and educating your employees is the best way to ensure you are fostering a healthy and safe work environment. If you are looking for employee training videos on this subject matter, Training ABC is a great resource to explore.

Ethics training 

Our jobs can take us into unusual situations. You’ve probably experienced it yourself—you wake up one day for work and by the end of the day you’ve encountered at least one situation you never would have imagined. Workplaces across all industries are living, breathing environments that can change on the fly. That’s why it can be a good idea to enroll your employees in an ethics training course. These programs can educate your employees on how to deal with common ethical situations such as customer privacy or dealing with a difficult customer or co-worker.

Ethics programs are a great option for any type of employee, from top-level managers to entry-level workers. By requiring that all of your employees complete the same course, you are sending a message that no one in your company, no matter what their title says, is above taking the correct course of action. Additionally, a strong sense of company ethics can become an integral part of your branding and identity. Modern consumers are becoming more and more concerned with ethics when it comes to where they spend their money.

Social media training

Educating your employees on the pitfalls of social media may sound like a training course specifically for a marketing or software company, but these types of programs are worth considering for any modern employer. Social media is a big part of society and a sizable amount of your employees probably spend their lunch break—and perhaps even time spent supposedly at work—scrolling through Twitter or Instagram.

Social media training courses can teach your employees about managing their time on these platforms while they are at work, as well as the possible consequences associated with what they post. It’s becoming more and more common for people to lose their jobs due to something they posted online without fully thinking the action through. Ideally, these types of training courses should be completed during an employee’s initial onboarding with a company.


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