How Should HR Deal With Drug Addiction

HR needs to deal with addiction in a very delicate way because they have many laws and statutes that they must abide by. You can use the steps below to figure out how to deal with HR issues as they relate to signs Adderall addiction, drug use, and alcoholism that might be present in your office.

1. The Signs

The signs Adderall addiction and other addictive behaviors should be noted without calling attention to them in a big way. There are times when someone has a very long weekend of partying. These people are not addicts. You are looking for people who have established a pattern of abusive behavior that makes you think they are constantly drunk or high. You will see bloodshot eyes, that person will complain they do not sleep, and they might suddenly fall on hard financial times.

2. Addressing These Problems

Addressing any kind of addiction at work requires that you have a very private meeting with the employee. You want the employee to know that you have noticed they might not be in the best of mental health. You are only trying to offer them help at this time, and this would be a good time to give them a simple warning. Show the employee some resources they can use to get better and let them know you want them to get better. Threatening the employee is a bad idea because they will either quit or get worse. You want to help first and foremost.

3. A True Warning

HR can handle addiction with a much more serious warning if the employee has not gotten any better. You have given the employee resources to use to get better, and that employee has been given time to make changes to their lifestyle. When someone is trying to get better, they need to be given a little bit of slack. If that person stops trying, you need to move on to other motivational tactics that will get this person to see how serious the situation is.

4. Give Them A Chance to Resign

If you get to the point where someone needs to leave their job, you should give them a chance to resign or take a leave of absence. Provide these employees with a way to leave work gracefully. Let the employee know how long you can hold their job, talk to them about what the rules will be when they come back, and put some stipulations on their return. The employee should be shown that they need to recover from addiction, and they might need to prove to you that they are going to meetings.

You have every right to put a few restrictions on how this person is going to live their life and manage their duties at work. If this employee does not follow the rules, you can let them go.

There are a lot of people who would like to get help for their addiction, but they often do not know where to start. Give your employees a chance to get better by approaching them at work about the issues they have. You are showing these people that you care about them. Plus, you are showing these employees that you want them to keep their job and get better at the same time.

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