The Residence Programme

The Malta Global Residence Programme is a program designed to attract EU, EEA, or Swiss citizens and not permanent Malta residents. Beneficiaries may include domestic staff. They do not provide service in their qualifying property until all required procedures are satisfied.The Malta Residence Program, also known as the TRP, is a program designed to attract people from the European Union, the EEA, or Switzerland and who are not permanent residents of Malta. Are Beneficiaries may also have a domestic staff until they are satisfied with all the required procedures, providing the property in their capacity. The Residence Program (TRP) gives the applicant and his family a 15% tax on Malta’s income. A particular tax program has been developed under the Malta Residence Program Rules 2014 to attract foreign EU, EEA, or Swiss nationals. Take up residence in Malta.

Key Requirements for Applying for a Housing Program

The applicant and his or her family must be represented by an authorized registered entity (ARM) such as the CSB Group, which will advise and process the housing program’s application.

1-Purchase of property for at least 20 220,000 if located in Gozo or south of Malta or 5 275,000 in Malta.

2-Located in the south of Gozo or Malta or Malta if the property is 69,600, for 8,750.

3-In addition to the above property requirements, if the house is located in Gozo or south of Malta or Ta 6,000 Malta, it applies to a housing program.

Eligibility for the Malta Residential Program (TRP)

Only citizens of the European Union (not Maltese) are eligible including Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. The dependencies to be included in the application are:

  • Ordinary children and children in the care and protection of the beneficiary or the beneficiary’s spouse.
  • This includes adoptive children and children in the beneficiary’s care and security or the beneficiary’s spouse, who are not minors but cannot maintain themselves due to severe disease or disability conditions.

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