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Every year cinema industry offers us thousands of films, and the only real task is to choose the best ones out of this variety. 2018 has already seen some masterpieces that could spoil anyone for choice. Drama, action or a comedy –at least a few Oscar winners can already be named. Here we will look at top three latest movies, most waited and the best ones.

Hotel Artemis

Everybody thought it was a myth. In a cruel Los-Angeles the Hotel is the only sanctuary an injured criminal can turn to. Run by amazing Jodie Foster as a nurse, the hidden place continues its magic activity until someone breaks the peace. No weapon, guys, do it with your hands.

Hotel Artemis came out on 8th June, 2018, and left everybody satisfied after so much time waiting. Quite shallow might seem the plot from the description on all the sites, in reality the movie fascinates you with incredible twists and suspense. Unlike most of today’s criminal films, this one manages to hold your attention through the whole line. Another feature to be mentioned is, certainly, the cast.  Having taken up the most sensitive roles, Jodie Foster, Sofia Boutella, Sterling K. Brown can make the Hotel a piece of art just by themselves.


After Mama saw the world in 2013, it’s no longer fashionable to make horror movies senseless illogical sets of screams and sudden faces in the darkness. Instead, film-makers try to introduce new universes to the viewer. This very thing has been achieved by the creators of Hereditary. A little Charlie inherits her dead grandma’s senses – what will be?

The movie was made by the director of the Split, which hit the box office last year. Convincing scenery and acting play make the film worth watching, but the most stunning thing, is the plot itself. The script writers managed to avoid the clichés so common in a horror film branch – you are kept in tension, waiting and scared.

It came out in January and totally lived up to all expectations. When reviewed, Hereditary is most often called as a real nightmare, which can be an only complement a horror movie can hope for.

Hearts Beat out Loud

A kind story about a girl and her father, who revive music in their hearts and the hearts of people around them. What is it to be a singer star when you are still at college and have to do your homework? What if it’s time to choose?

Being a nice music drama, Hearts Beat out Loud is a touching story where art starts where it should start – in a family. While you go on with the story, you care about all characters. Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons act in a perfect duet, which makes the settings even more atmospheric as you watch. Perhaps, the film’s passion is only to be overcome by the fabulous music and singing. Undoubtedly, this one could be called the best musical drama after the last-year’s Oscar winner La-La-Land.

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