Learning About the Perks of Being a Legal Practitioner

Being a lawyer sounds like a challenging responsibility to take on. You are expected to help someone who’s been wronged to get justice or put someone behind bars, for that matter. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a heck of a job. That is unless you settle with signing documents and contracts and eschew dramatic court cases altogether.

But despite the legal profession’s apparent difficulty, many people still choose to pursue it. In the United States alone, there are at least 1.33 million practitioners. And that’s for obvious reasons, too. The money’s great. The prestige that comes with the career, just as excellent. Plus, there are other perks a lawyer enjoys, such as the following.

You meet all sorts of people

You will rub elbows with colleagues from the legal profession, including judges, fellow lawyers, and court reporters, to name a few. You will also meet clients from all walks of life. Plus, you’ll be in close contact with witnesses and government employees such as police officers. To say that you’ll be sowing your influence left and right would be an understatement. And every person you meet can change your life as well. You must be open to these possibilities. Be a sponge and soak it all up.

You’re privy to the wildest stories

This is most true if you work as a criminal lawyer. For example, you’ll be dealing with murder cases where the least likely suspect is actually the suspect. And you’ll get to sink your nose into why that is so. Whether you’re the defendant’s or the plaintiff’s counsel, you need to prod everyone who’s involved in the case for essential details. And this process will yield the juiciest revelations. You’ll likely hear things you’re not ready to hear. See things you’ll be surprised to see. As they say, we all hide something. As a lawyer, you’ll be privy to what people are hiding behind their nervous ticks and half-smiles. That’s quite exciting.

You get media coverage

Even if you’re not a celebrity lawyer, you can one day luck out with a case that becomes high profile enough to get you the spotlight you’ve always secretly longed for. Media personalities will rush to you every time you walk out of a courtroom. Some might even stalk you in your house. Your name will be all over the news. This might become grueling eventually. The key is to enjoy the novelty while it lasts. Hopefully, as soon as you outgrow the media attention, the verdict is served, so you won’t have to deal with the case anymore. Also, your media coverage will surely lead to more high-profile clients. That’s a win.

You get to travel for free

You do not have to be a criminal lawyer to have an exciting journey in the legal profession. You can be a corporate lawyer and have just as much fun. For example, if you’re working for a global conglomerate, chances are you will be sent to satellite offices all over the world. You’ll be sleeping in fancy hotels, eating good food from reservation-only restaurants. And that’s all taken care of by your client. All expenses paid. You’re basically vacationing while doing your job.

Legal dramas can’t get away with their inaccuracy when you’re watching

Legal dramas like How to Get Away with Murder sometimes go all sorts of crazy. While these shows have legal advisers in the team, they often fall short when nailing the legal profession. After all, they prioritize entertainment over accuracy. As a lawyer, when you’re on the couch in front of the TV, you can flex your legal know-how among friends and family. You have the power to prove Annalise Keating wrong. You can even start a podcast devoted solely to debunking legal myths perpetuated by these TV shows. That is if you still have the spare time.

It’s safe to say that no job is easy. But it’s also quite accurate to assert that lawyers have it harder than most. After all, dealing with justice is nowhere close to trivial. If you’re a lawyer, you have a huge stake in your community. And you can either make a positive impact or turn into someone like Saul Goodman.

Whichever way you take your career, you’re sure to be rewarded, though. Mainly via excellent earnings. However, if you’re the type of person who won’t be satisfied with enriching yourself and whose moral compass unwaveringly tips to the right side of the law, then you’re the kind of lawyer the world needs.