Janitorial vs Cleaning Services: What’s the Difference?

Your business has to stay clean somehow, right? It’d be too much to ask for you or one of your employees to stay late do their best to make the place spotless.

When it comes to your business location, the best move is to hire pros who have cleaning expertise and can reliably make things look great. The tough part is understanding cleaning services so that you know what kind of professional to hire. Namely, what are the differences between cleaning and janitorial services?

We’re going to explore those differences in this article, giving you some insight into the kind of professional you should hire to keep your space clean. Let’s take a look.

Cleaning Services

A cleaning service should be used as a method to get your business, house, or recreational area clean in a reasonable amount of time. Many times, people hire a cleaning service to prepare their house for a gathering, clean buildings and office spaces to prepare for a sale, or just get rid of age-old scum and dirt that lives in a building.

Some businesses also hire cleaning services to come and do work a few times a year to make sure that things are sanitary and buildup doesn’t occur. In this way, you can hire a cleaning service to take care of the big jobs for you.

They usually come in a team, operate efficiently, and leave with the place looking fantastic. This means that they can also cost a pretty penny. That said, the work they do is essential and it’s worth the expense to have a clean, healthy place to conduct your work. It’s also valuable for a business to be presentable and void of any noticeable dirt or grime.

Janitorial Services

On the other hand of things lies janitorial services.

Instead of large, sweeping projects to clean, the janitor maintains the premises almost constantly. The daily work of keeping all of the areas spotless falls upon groups like Prestige Janitorial Services.

Both services are needed sometimes, but janitorial work is what keeps your business up to code. Bathrooms, workspaces, parking lots, basements, floors, hallways, and more all have to be kept clean in order to function properly in the long haul.

A good metaphor to use in this case is your bedroom. Think of how the garbage and dirt add up if you don’t do any maintenance for a day or two. You could have a spotless room that makes you feel great, only to be buried in cans, wrappers, and debris after a week or two without cleaning.

Sure, you could go throughout your home and deep clean it to have it feeling fantastic just like a cleaning service would, but if you don’t do the essential janitorial work, you’ll realize all of the dirt and buildup within a day or two.

Need a Little More Insight?

Managing a business or a functioning home can be pretty tough. Whether you’re thinking about cleaning services or how to file your taxes correctly, we’re here to put you in touch with the right information.

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