How You can Properly Maximise Your Brochures and Flyers at an Exhibit or Trade Show

Most companies join trade shows and exhibitions as part of their marketing strategy for one simple reason: it works. When you join an exhibit or trade show, you are automatically given exposure as a business and brand, and you can get to know potential customers as well as suppliers and other leaders and players in your industry. But if you are joining an exhibit or trade show, it follows that you need brochures and flyers (as well as some other printed promotional tools such as banners, presentation folders, and more). But our focus today is mainly on brochures and flyers, and for good reason. It wouldn’t do, however, to have these printed materials made and not optimise their use. So how can you properly maximise your brochures and flyers at an exhibit or trade show? Let’s find out.

Time it right

It’s important that you time everything correctly. This means making sure that you have enough time to prepare your materials – having your brochures and flyers and other materials designed and printed out on time will save you a lot of hassle. It’s best not to rush this task because you want your printed material to turn out just the way you want, and you don’t want to deal with the added stress of frantic changes or delays.


Let them know

It would also be a good idea to prepare attendees beforehand of your presence at the event. In other words, promote your participation at the event by sending out advance notice in the form of cards or emails. Sending out a pre-show email or card can alert your clients and other prospective individuals, especially if you say that you are including prizes or giveaways at the event.


Display them properly

When you join a trade show or exhibit, you are probably making a lot of effort to make sure that your booth is designed well and can get the right amount of attention. But the same should be true for your brochures and leaflets as well, as confirmed by Better Printing, experts at brochures, flyers, posters, leaflets, A4 presentation folders, and a lot more. You should make sure they are displayed properly with the use of display racks, so they aren’t too easy to overlook. Don’t just place your brochures on your tabletop or counter and be done with it – have them prominently displayed by using display racks or other devices for display so they are visible and are easily seen at eye level.

Be consistent

If you want to project the right image, it pays to be consistent in your brochure, flyer, presentation folder, banner, and leaflet design. Make use of the same (or at least similar) design in your cards, brochures, and all your other printed materials, as this will give consistency to your company and brand. This also allows your business to be identified more easily. Choose to have the same features in design such as the same or similar images, colours, and other important elements, and you’ll get the recognition you deserve.