Hot Desking Hero – How To Thrive In Sydney Shared Office Spaces

The monotony and isolation of freelance and flexible work can be a negative drag on your productivity and it can even affect your satisfaction with your work. With more people finding themselves in freelancing and remote work for a variety of reasons one main reason being the benefit of a flexible lifestyle, it is increasingly necessary to solve the less desirable aspects of this style of work.

Taking advantage of the explosion of coworking spaces in the Sydney area can help you avoid these negative aspects of flexible work. Not only that, but you might also be surprised at some of the collaborative and creative benefits that come with working alongside other motivated entrepreneurs and professionals. You may wonder how to best use shared office spaces, especially if you are new to the concept of coworking. Then you will want to learn about different coworking packages – everything from the advantages of hot desks to the essentials of coworking etiquette.

Let’s take a closer look at some specific ways to help you thrive in shared office spaces in Sydney.

Know The Basic Shared Office Etiquette

Shared office spaces can be new for many workers who may have been used to traditional office environments. In coworking spaces, you might find yourself working amid professionals and entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries and from a wide variety of backgrounds. You might even share a space with international remote workers. While this can be exciting and beneficial for your network, it can lead to problems if you fail to adhere to some basic shared office etiquette. For example, if you are working in Australia it is important to be aware of Australian business culture.

Beyond that, however, using some common sense will get you far in a shared office environment. Make sure to keep your volume down in communal working areas and save extended conversations for the lounge areas. Be sure to practice good personal hygiene and always keep the space clean both during and after use, you are sharing the space after all. Above all, be considerate of your colleagues and keep in mind that they are there to be productive as well.

Choose The Best Package For Your Needs

On a personal level, make sure to choose the best shared office package for your business needs. Hot desking, for example, is a popular option for those who are not picky about where they work in an office on any given day. It allows you to save money while being able to select a working space on a first-come, first-served basis.

If this style of work does not suit your need for stability, you can also choose to use a dedicated desk from a premium shared office provider. For a slightly higher but still very reasonable cost, these packages also come with some additional benefits, such as unlimited access to the space every day of the year.

Take The Time To Network And Collaborate

To truly thrive in a shared office environment, it is essential to take advantage of everything the space has to offer. One of the biggest benefits of coworking is the opportunity to network and collaborate with your colleagues. Being surrounded by positive and hard-working individuals can work wonders for your productivity. It can even lead to useful insights for your projects and might lay the foundation for constructive new ventures with new contacts.

Get To Work Right Away

Shared office spaces are on the rise in Australia. If you are a flexible or freelance worker looking to expand your business and productivity, then look for a premium provider of such spaces today. Before long, you will be getting down to business and getting work done.

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