Genesis11 Review – Three Reasons That Made Me Pick It

When we pare for trading and decide to sign up with an online trading platform, aren’t we actually looking for reasons to sign up? We just want to make sure that the broker we sign up with gives us the maximum amount of reasons to be with it. We find these reasons in the features that the company offers. We want to make sure how different the trading experience will be and how fast we will grow as a trader. When looking for such features, I think I have found Genesis11 to be the one spot-on with its features. There are many reasons for me to pick this one, however, I will only talk about the three main ones today.

1.     Perfect Platform for Many Assets

When it comes to trading, I don’t think you want to complicate things for yourself. What I mean by that is that trading already requires a lot of training. You have to go through glossaries of terms, use ebooks, and watch videos to learn how to trade. If he platform you are on is not friendly, you will only add more material to your learning. That’s when I think the platform from Genesis11 is a perfect one. It requires no special understanding of things. It can run on whatever device you have. Furthermore, it does not make you go to other platforms for trading different assets.

Whatever asset it is that you want to trade, I am sure you will find it with Genesis11. Starting from forex currency pairs, stocks, and commodities to all the way to cryptocurrencies, you find it all for trading when you are with Genesis11. When the leverages are as huge as 1:400 and spreads as low as 1, there is no reason to look for another trading platform.

2.     Great Account Choices

The account choices offered by Genesis11 are some of the best. Well, at least I think they have been designed intelligently when I compare them to what other brokers have to offer. They offer a lot of different accounts, but end up confusing new and experienced traders. With Genesis11, it is as simple as picking from the three accounts. The first one is meant for new traders. The second one is for advanced traders, and you can pick the third one if you think you have become a professional as a trader. The amount you need to start the first and the most basic account is $500.

The second account, on the other hand, requires $5000 for you to starting trading. Last but not least, you have the premium account that you can start with a small amount of $20,000. The live chat feature, proper training and education, mentorship and much more is included in these accounts for your convenience.

3.     Trade through Algorithms

Algorithms provide you with a safe way of trading any asset of your choice. When you have algorithms running on the trading platform, it is like an engine that is constantly moving in the digital world and taking a complete tour. It tells the platform which assets about to go up and which ones are about to come down. It allows you to enter trades when it is the best time to trade. Algorithmic trading means that you have artificial intelligence doing most of the work for you.

I have no found many online brokers that offer this feature. However, I think I am lucky that the company that I loved so much had this particular feature as well, which is my personal favorite feature on any trading platform.

Final Thoughts

I can tell you that I have seen many other online platforms as well. Not all of them are bad, but none of them is as good for me as a trader as this one. I think Genesis11 provides me with all the resources to help me with my trades and gives me a trading platform that empowers me as a trader in some way. I recommend this broker to many and urge you to try it out.