Factors To Consider When Fixing Damaged Auto Glass in Winnipeg

Numerous things could go wrong with your vehicle. Of these things, the least worrying for most car owners is a crack on the windshield. But, while a chip on the windshield may not spark a shocking reaction and concern, it can grow into a real problem needing loads of money to repair.

And here is the thing – today, auto glass damage is becoming more and more common courtesy of the lightweight glass being used in a bid to improve fuel mileage.

If you find yourself having to deal with an auto glass repair in Winnipeg, below are some factors you ought to consider before you get the work done by a professional.

Should you worry about a chip on your windshield?

Yes, you should. It is imperative that you do not ignore it. Work against every inkling in your body to dismiss the chip and accord it the attention it deserves. Chips progressively spread into large cracks. Often, it happens so slowly that drivers do not even notice it. Before you know it, your windshield is covered in a web of fault lines causing you distraction while you are driving.

It is also important to note that windshields play an even bigger role than just protecting passengers from the wind. It also ensures that airbags deploy as they should and work to maintain a vehicle’s structural integrity in the event the car topples and rolls.

Damaged glass is about 70% weaker compared to glass that is intact. You can avoid the risks that come with chipped windshields by getting auto glass repair in Winnipeg.

Is auto glass repair in Winnipeg safe, when compared to replacement?

There is no doubt. Conducting a repair on your auto glass in Winnipeg will help to retain the original factory seal. A small crack can be repaired in only 30 minutes if there aren’t any underlying issues that need fixing. Also, repair is way cheaper than replacement.

The chip repair process is simple and effective. Technicians use vacuum technology to add resin to the crack space and UV light technology to harden the resin into place.

You should, however, note that auto glass in Winnipeg is all different and thus, it requires different repair methods. Not all technicians are trained to handle the different repair methods. Be careful when choosing the technician to work with.

Is the chip too large for a repair?

If the auto glass damage is too big for repair, then a replacement is necessary. The replacement costs vary depending on the model and make of the vehicle in question.

Before you are quick to cater to the costs of repair and replacements, you should check on the warranty of the vehicle and the windshield. If you can have it fixed without using your cash, even better. Also, try filing a claim with your insurance company. Note that with insurance companies, the sooner you reach out, the better. Ignorance and procrastination might have you missing out on the claim.

Auto glass repair is simple. Most auto glass experts can fix problems with efficiency and great success. But, in the event you feel the problem is not as straightforward as the technician is claiming, seek a second opinion. Never take chances with your windshield.

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