Communication in Business: Why You Need a Satellite Phone

In an era flocked with the dominance of smartphones and tablets, one may think that owning a satellite phone is quite unnecessary. Indeed, smartphones are already equipped with almost every application that people may need in their everyday lifestyle. Almost anything could be done more conveniently at just a tap of their finger.

However, as much as you think that a smartphone has endless capabilities to do tasks and allow you to be able to communicate with any person in any part of the world, a smartphone does have limits of its own.

Smartphones vs satellite phones

Now, enter the use of satellite phones. Satellite phones work particularly differently from smartphones. Smartphones send and receive signals through land-based towers, while satellite phones jump on signals brought about by satellites far above our planet. The main setback of the way smartphones process signals though, is that it depends on the proximity of your position to the nearest tower in your network. When no tower is present or is too far away, you would experience a loss of signal that would make you unable to send and receive texts and calls.

On the other hand, because satellite phones make use of signals transmitted from satellites above Earth, satellite phones are much more able to reach even the most remote places to communicate in.

This would prove a lot more beneficial for various endeavors, most especially in businesses, as this could greatly help improve communication between your employees no matter where they may be. Providing satellite phones for both you and your employees could definitely help your projects to be a lot smoother, especially if you are engaging with potential partners that are living in more remote areas.

Sure, smartphones are a lot more extravagant when it comes to the numerous functionality it holds, but satellite phones are a lot more reliable in any circumstance. Push-to-talk satellite phones such as the Iridium PTT device, are highly important in our world nowadays, especially when encountering emergency situations along the way. You could experience difficulty finding a decent signal for your smartphone to work, but satellite phones will always be there to save the day. Even amidst power outages and harsh weather conditions, satellite phones are able to pull through and still give you access to important contacts all around the world.

Satellite phones in businesses

With the way the world is evolving right now and multiple industries finding their way into the mainstream, having a decent platform for communication that leaves no room for signal loss is definitely desired. These phones can particularly be a lot of help in utility companies, to ensure that they would still have clear access to their main dispatch no matter the circumstance. Rain or shine, showers or thunderstorms, these companies would be able to communicate well and still provide services that benefit the public good.

Employees working in larger areas and fields would also require the use of satellite phones. Signals from smartphones are highly unreliable and you may sometimes find yourself in a tight spot when you cannot gain any access to your emergency contacts no matter how many times you try. Businesses under forestry are inevitably exposed to adventures in the wilderness, and the phone signals in the woods are usually not available because of its remote location.

With push-to-talk satellite phones, workers would still be able to follow clear instructions among themselves, and be able to contact their offices when needed without hassle. This also applies to instances wherein workers need to have fast communication without interference, especially in police car chases in the industry of law enforcement. Communication is indeed the key, no matter what circumstances you may be under.

Moreover, companies and organizations that work against life and death situations by helping and coordinating emergency responses in the community greatly need the power of satellite phones. In times when disasters hit, responders should be able to extend help as soon as they can, but they would need to have clear communication, first.

Smartphone services usually go down to slow or even being nonexistent at all when unfortunate circumstances strike the area. In emergency times like this, it is vital that the authorities assigned for the safety of the public would be able to act accordingly and do efforts to cooperate. To avoid misconceptions and mistaken rescues, workers must have clear instructions to make sure that all operations coordinate with each other.

As simple as a satellite phone may be, it surely would be one of your best friends amidst all circumstances. These devices are certainly a lot more valuable than it looks, given the numerous lives and circumstances that communication with no interference saved along the way. It definitely is a great investment for you and your employees — and a great backup in emergency situations. One way or another, it truly is relieving to have a device that always works, no matter where or what situation you may be in.