Benefits of a Community Cloud Model

Event management, fundraising management and other important data collecting tasks that are performed manually is hard work. You can save yourself and your employees from the need to create new accounting databases using the unique features of the Salesforce platform.

The data management system will optimize processes and help you achieve great results using the experience cloud. The cloud storage is used under the supervision of an administrator, which means that each employee has access to the information they need.

Advantages of using partner community Salesforce system

The work of the company’s departments must be well-coordinated and efficient. It is quite difficult to achieve this result using outdated cloud platforms. However, don’t give up too soon. Try the community cloud by Salesforce with the help Advanced Communities to optimize key workflows.

The ease of implementation of the platform is worth the effort. First of all, you will need to configure the synchronization of data from different sources, but after that it will be enough to correctly apply the provided functions. The advantages of using a new platform include:

  1. Optimization of work. Employees get an opportunity to assess the customer experience using data from various sources.
  2. Data arrays. Collecting and storing useful data will improve the quality of work, as well as establish communication between the employees and clients/volunteers/partners.
  3. Instant access. To study the information you need, just open the Salesforce prm and find everything that will help you improve the customer experience.

Analysis of the collected data and help of will allow you to revise the existing strategy and develop a new one, the effectiveness of which will meet the company’s requirements. Promotion and personalization of offers is the next step on the way to success. This is the only way to leave competitors behind.

Specifics of using Salesforce communities

The choice of a suitable type of cloud storage (public, private, hybrid) depends on the requirements of the owner company. Scalability and other additional options remain available regardless of the choice. However, you will have to pay extra for using certain tools.

Hybrid type of the Salesforce partner community provides the necessary security for the collected data. Besides, administrators can add only a part of confidential data for safe work with them. There is no need to connect all your tools, because those that don’t contain personal information are enough.

Hybrid cloud storages are used much more often than others. This is because public and private clouds cannot guarantee the full data security. Hybrid storage allows you to customize it and restrict the access to it.

The flexibility of the platform you are using is another specific feature of the Salesforce partner management. The transfer of data from various sources must be gradual to ensure that the platform functions correctly. This approach also allows for timely customization of file access.