5 Reasons Why You May Need Oil Tank Removal in Yukon

5 Reasons Why You May Need Oil Tank Removal

Residential oil tanks have been helpful for heating up homes in the past. But as new advancements in technology have provided new methods for heating the home, the disadvantages of having an oil tank on a property are increasing rapidly. Here are some reasons to consider oil tank removal in Yukon.

1. Cost Effectiveness

While the cost of installing an oil tank is much less than the price of a gas furnace, the cost of the fuel you will need to place in the tank is quite exhorbitant. The cost of gasoline fell significantly after the crash of oil prices. But it is more expensive than other methods of heating up a home. So to save a substantial amount of money during this year’s winter, you should hire a professional that specializes in oil tank removal in Yukon to take out your tank for you.

2. Effective Use of Energy

Although there is less difference between the energy efficiency offered by an oil fired furnace and other heating methods, it is still better to have a gas fired furnace than one that runs on oil. The fuel efficiency of gas is at least 10% higher than that of oil. So it may be a smart choice to remove the underground oil tank and replace your fuel source with gas.

3. High Maintenance Requirements

When an oil tank is new, the owner may not realize how much effort will be needed to fix a small leak. As the underground tank gets older, the rate of corrosion will increase and eventually the tank will leak. To fix this leak, you may need to call a company providing environmental services and demolition in Yukon. The tank will be removed, a new tank will be installed and the soil must be treated for oil spillage. In addition, even when there is no evidence of leakage, you need to ensure that all the gauges are in good working condition and the oil levels are above the minimum level.

4. Potential Harm to the Environment

Another major reason to consider oil tank removal in Yukon is the potential hazard the tanks pose to the environment. A leaking oil tank will not only contaminate the soil in your yard or neighbourhood, it will also pollute the air you breathe and the water you drink. This is a huge risk and it needs to be taken very seriously, especially when you cannot ascertain the actual age and condition of the oil tank.

5. To Improve the Value of a Home

If you are planning to sell your home in a few years and you have an idle or old oil tank under the ground, you may choose to remove it. In many cases, having an underground oil tank as a source of fuel for heating is simply not attractive to most potential home buyers. The presence of a underground tank comes with a lot of environmental concerns. There are also conditions that must be met before the house can be sold.

Those are some of the reasons why you may need to get your oil tank removed. For more professional advice, contact a reliable environmental services company that can handle demolition in Yukon and the surrounding areas.