3 Powerful Ways to Use Accessible Technology for Your Business

When you designed your business’s website, you did it with a certain user base in mind. You may or may not have considered what you need to do in order to make your website accessible to people within that user base who live with disabilities. Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of technology out there to help make your website more accessible.

Not sold on accessible technology yet? Read on to learn how it can help your business succeed!

  1. Use Accessible Technology to Stay in Compliance with the Law

There are a number of different laws that help ensure that disabled persons are able to enjoy life in similar ways to people who are able-bodied. While most references to disability laws bring to mind wheelchair ramps and handrails, they also apply to technology and websites.

For example, blind people use readers to read the text of websites to them so they’re easier to navigate. Not all text is compatible with readers, however, so accessible technology steps in to make sure that the visually impaired can utilize your website to the fullest extent possible.

Not sure how to navigate these laws? You can learn more about the laws and how they work. You can also outsource the responsibility for compliance with the laws to a professional who can help you stay on top of your responsibilities.

  1. Boost Your Earning Potential

It should go without saying that the more people who are able to fully access and utilize your company’s website, the better your chances of increasing your earning potential. For this reason alone, accessibility technology is a fantastic investment.

In addition to a bigger customer-base, a fully accessible website will also foster goodwill among your customers. In today’s socially aware market, taking steps to ensure that your business is accessible to everyone will help boost your sales among customers who are concerned about social issues.

  1. Increase Employee Productivity

Another important benefit of accessible technology is the boost it’ll bring to employee productivity.


The answer is simple. Businesses that utilize accessibility technology not just on the company’s website, but throughout the company’s workplace technology, help employees with disabilities complete their tasks in a shorter amount of time.

Want more encouragement? It’ll speed up the productivity of employees without disabilities, too.

Are You Ready to Revive Your Website?

There are so many benefits to employing accessible technology on your business’s website. Not only will you make your website easier to navigate, but you’ll also have better earning potential and improved employee productivity. With all of these benefits, there should be no question that you need to invest in accessibility technology today!

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