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What Does Septic Tank Emptying/Pumping Involve in Edmonton?

Wherever there are many people operating a home or commercial waste system using septic tanks, you can easily find businesses or contractors offering vacuum truck services or septic tank services in Edmonton. The contractors specialize in the removal of sludge and scum that accumulates over time in the septic tank. It is worth noting that an excessive buildup of sludge over time could lead to an overflow, which can present a health hazard.

Generally, the septic pumping service involves the use of a vac truck to remove sludge, scum, and effluent from the tank installed underground and leaving it empty in readiness for filling. After the waste has been removed, the contractors can actually do so much with the waste. In the past, waste companies would just bury the sludge in dump sites. When it became apparent that these dump sites posed a serious health hazard, the dumping was outlawed. While some of these sites still exist, most are undergoing remediation. Today, waste disposal companies find creative ways of disposing of the septic waste. The contractors can also dump septage (waste) in approved landfills or cesspools, which are located far from water supplies and agricultural products.

Signs Indicative of a Tank That Needs To Be Emptied

The first thing you will notice is a foul smell, especially during the hot summer months. On some occasions, you might realize that the ground is wet or soggy around the area where your septic tank has been buried. At times, you may even notice that your washing machine or sinks are emptying slower than normal. You should immediately call a contractor that specializes in septic services and put in a request for vacuum truck services.

Vacuum Truck Services: The Equipment

Contractors will often use a vac truck to pump out the sludge and scum from septic tanks. Most homeowners do not have this equipment on-hand. Note that the vacuum truck is the most critical tool used for tank pump outs. It’s comprised of a large truck outfitted with a large steel tank that can hold volumes of liquid and solid waste.

Yet another kind of equipment used during a typical pump out is a spatula-shaped piece of equipment that contractors use to poke around the interior of tanks in order to break the solid waste into pieces. Apart from these tools, the contractors use shovels and a probe. The latter is necessary for locating and uncovering the septic tank.

Septic Tank Services

Septic pumping is an interesting process that has evolved over the years, meaning waste disposal contractors can complete the job quicker and easier, thanks to the new technology available today. The process is more sanitary, quicker, and is less of a nuisance for homeowners. To find out more details about septic pumping do not hesitate to talk to your local septic contractor.

When your drains or septic tank are beginning to back up and you urgently need the effluent pumped out, do not hesitate to request septic tank services or vacuum truck services in Edmonton provided by the waste disposal contractors in your area. The same applies when you simply require septic tank maintenance services. These professionals are sufficiently trained and ready to tackle any septic or waste disposal jobs you throw their way. Additional services you can expect include septic tank repair, septic tank cleaning, drain field cleaning, drain field maintenance, drain field repair, vac truck services, pipe video inspection, commercial sewer repairs, and more.