Light Your Trade Show Correctly To Maximise Your Exhibit

The right display lighting of your trade show can maximise the impact of your exhibit, which could attract customers from the competitive exhibition halls. Light in the trade shows makes the booth much visible, and it sets the mood of the message you are passing to your clients. The tips below will help you create a general appearance of how you want your company to stand out.

Why Do You Need Lighting?

Functional Illumination

Every business person wants their booth to illuminate enough light that will allow the visitors to see the product information. Poor lighting will make your booth dark. Hence, the customers will not have a chance to view the products they are buying.


Most customers decide about purchasing in a short time. If you own a booth, then you know that the looks matter in creating a perfect impression because it obliges a client to buy or stop by and learn about your business. You can choose to nail your lights, which will be different from other business vendors. The uniqueness draws more clients towards your business.


Various types of lighting help bring a new mood to your vending shop. Your lighting brings Brightness, boldness and modernisation. The light you choose will create the right atmosphere that will support your branding.

How to Light Your Trade Show Booth

Attracting Attention with Your Lighting StyleAppropriate lighting will help you attract more customers your exhibit as you set the tone for your staff to encounter with other aspects hence generating treasured sales leads. Let your lights be bright and warm enough. Sometimes, there is a need for extra lights that can be used to concentrate on the precise products or specific areas that you want your customers to focus on. It is always important to consider the demographics of your visitors.

When you have a youthful target market, consider using flashy and daring lights than when your target market involves older people. It is essential to be careful when you use the twinkling, moving and flashing lights especially if you have not identified your target market. They attract attention but the message displayed could lead to a sensual excess for booth visitors which may lead to compromising your sales opportunities. At ExpoMarketing, we provide you with the most appropriate advice for your brand trade show.

Set the Appropriate Mood

Lights are the critical elements towards setting the appropriate mood of Trade shows. Proper lighting tells a story of the products you are selling without talking to your customers. Majority of vendors end up using much flash while trying to please the customers. Most Exhibition venues are generally well-lit. Hence too much light is unnecessary. Colourful lighting is also tricky to use. When a client is unaware of the colour illumination to use, then he may focus poorly on the target audience hence end up passing the wrong information.

Do Your Homework

Each company has its own rules basing on the different lighting available. Hence, you should contact the appropriate show representatives and look for their location so that you can ask them questions regarding lighting your vending machine. You can research online for companies like Expo marketing who are experienced inappropriate lighting of your vending machine.

Highlight Your Products and Services

Some items require enough lighting so that the correct view and functionality can be achieved. You can use some type of lighting that will help in concentrating on the specific product. If the product is large, use more than one light. If you have a spotlight graphics, you can use them to display your products.



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