If DaVinci Had Dry Erase Markers, Would The Mona Lisa Exist?

The “Dry Erase” phenomenon is one that is overlooked by most people today. Sometimes, great advancements can go largely unappreciated when they are rooted in simplicity. The total ease and effectiveness of the dry erase board, and the markers that go with it, are completely taken for granted, until, for whatever reason, they are gone.

The whiteboard and dry erase marker are the result of an interesting evolution. Whiteboard history has some conflicting reports as to its origins, but whatever the case may be, the dry erase whiteboard continues to be an integral part of a great many organizations, from schools to high-powered corporate industries.

Today, very creative people are taking whiteboard technology to the next level. Creators of whiteboards are thinking out of the box and their efforts are the very definition of creativity. Some people may think that it is simply a whiteboard. How creative can you get with a whiteboard? It’s rectangular, flat and white, right? Well, yes; it is as simple as that to many of us. But the creative soul has a way of taking the ordinary, and making it extraordinary. The fruits of the creativity of modern designer and their craftsmanship are always crystal clear and always dazzle the eye. If you are looking for unique Writey Boards Canada, know that virtually any surface can be easily transformed into a dry erase whiteboard.

It’s nearly a foregone conclusion that every home and office has a good place and use for whiteboard technology today. Certainly kids love it, but it’s not necessarily for children. It is a very useful tool for every day use. But, you knew that already, didn’t you? Now you simply need to dive in and get some high end whiteboard technology. Make a note.

Perhaps you believe that you don’t need such technology. The non-believers have, more likely than not, never used the ultra fun whiteboard. Well, no matter. The whiteboard and dry erase marker system isn’t for everyone, is it? Yes it is. There are many people who wonder how they got along without a whiteboard. Dry erase technology becomes very useful immediately.

Creativity cannot be contained or defined, though some try. Having a useful surface handy for jotting down anything that comes to a creative mind is a great asset. Making quick notes can be critical at times, and the whiteboard’s importance is self-evident in such cases. To list all of the applications here would be an exercise in futility. It is actually nearly impossible to know all of the uses anyway.

That all whiteboards are the same is not true. As with everything made by humans, some things are clearly better than others. We all love doughnuts, right? The doughnut recipe and the ingredient are the same for everyone in the world, but some are deeeee-licious, and some; not so much. This is where the ethereal, indefinable reality of creativity comes into play. Top quality is crafted by top craftsmen, and it always shows. This is true for the humble whiteboard as well.