Blogs That Are Ideal for Online Marketers

Content marketing has proved to be one of the most effective strategies when it comes to brand awareness and lead conversions. In order to be successful and stay afloat in the game, every marketer needs to invest in it and 2019 seems to be an excellent year to do so.

However, with so many blogs out there, ranging from general to specific ones run by companies and individuals, which are worth your time? Fat Free Media, the motion graphics studio, have listed some of their favourites and hope that they will help with your endeavours as well.


With over 300K business owners and marketers, it’s clear that the proof is in the pudding. With daily posts, there is certainly much to learn from this huge blog, covering social media, content marketing, search engine optimization, analytics, and lead generation. There is so much valuable content in Hubspot and the best thing is that you will come across varying perspectives as well as expertise from their staff and guest writers.


This is one of the best blogs that specialises in email marketing. Which is a cousin to social media and content marketing. These topics are covered in almost every blog in the online marketing niche, making it hard to find interesting and helpful material on this subject. However, that is history as you won’t be disappointed by what this blog has to offer.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

One of these blogs primary hits is their ‘This Week in Content Marketing’ series which displays the most recent events and news related to content marketing. However, that is not all that CMI has to offer as they have numerous other posts published by an array of writers. The blog covers various topics like content strategies, industry trends, the best practices in blogging etc.

Business Insider

This is perhaps one of the most popular blogs out there. What makes Business Insider is the diversity of articles that they publish, some covering topics in marketing that you wouldn’t normally find anywhere. They might have a strong focus on marketing, but they publish posts on the latest news on marketing, what is happening in the industry-leading business and also provide many useful tips.


This blog focuses on social media and how to get it right. Their posts on Hootsuite are aimed at teaching how to utilize social media properly for business success. The blog provides numerous options for small businesses that are looking to adopt macro approaches to posting on social media.

Jims Marketing Blog

This is an excellent blog that’s managed by Jim, a renowned marketer with over thirty years of industry experience. This might be an individually run blog, but don’t let that allow you underestimate what it has to offer. With over 300 pages of posts, Jim certainly proves that he’s dedicated to this blog and has a ton of knowledge. The posts in Jims Marketing Blog are easy to understand, relevant, interesting, and very insightful. It also has a separate tab for ‘Marketing Tips’ and so, if you are on the search for tips on all marketing aspects, then this is the blog to read.


Founded in 2006, this is one of the most popular one-man blogs. Currently, CopyBlogger has over 300K subscribers who get valuable information regarding marketing, content creation, SEO and tips on building an online business. The best part about this blog is that it offers a 20-part course to anyone who wants to learn about search engine optimization, email marketing, social media, and everything in between, all free.


Perhaps the best thing about this blog is that it features breaking news in the digital industry, thus allowing you to stay abreast of any trends in the industry. Their articles often cover practical strategies and tips that can easily be implemented on your campaign.

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