Integrated Background Checks

What are they and how do they benefit your business?

If you’re doing business, chances are you’re running background checks on new hires. Why? Because background checks are a critical component of safe hiring protocols. Pre-employment screenings allow you to onboard new individuals with confidence. They provide reliable, verifiable evidence that people are who they say they are, that they have the education and experience they claim, and that there is nothing in their history that might pose a threat to your business or your reputation.

That said, it’s important to know that all background checks are not created equal. One way background check firms differentiate themselves from the competition is by offering system integrations designed to simplify the process.

Integrated Background Checks

An integrated background check is one that seamlessly connects to your existing applicant tracking system (ATS) in order to simplify the process. Your ATS allows you to create job postings, review resumes, prescreen applicants, communicate with candidates, and much more. Integrating the background check into the ATS streamlines the screening process and allows you to use the information you already have about the candidate in your system to request SSN checks, DMV reports, criminal histories, and more.

Key Benefits of ATS and Background Screening Integration


Say goodbye to the hassles of multiple platforms. Integrated background checks eliminate the need for duplicate systems and entries, reducing administrative costs and the risk of errors. Tracking an applicant from beginning to end happens seamlessly in one system gives instant, easy visibility to status updates. ATS integrations make for a better experience for you and the applicant.


One system is faster than two or more. Prepopulated fields reduce input time and errors and built-in prompts mean you won’t waste any time manually sifting through documents or different screens to find what you’re looking for. ATS integrations speed up your hiring process and reduce the risk of losing good candidates because of slow turnaround times.


The rules and regulations surrounding the collection, use, and storage of personal information are complex and ever changing. Effective ATS integrations feature built-in compliance tools that ensure your organization is consistently on the right side of the law.

Key Features of ATS Integrations

Ease of Use

Effective integrations are intuitive and align seamlessly with your ATS.


No two businesses are exactly the same. Customizable features in integrated background check systems create a perfect fit.


As great as systems can be, nothing replaces the human touch. The service behind the integration makes the difference between a good experience and an exceptional experience.

 A Winning Combination

Your ATS plus integrated background checks creates a seamless workflow that helps you capture the finest talent available.


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