Insurance policies for Homeowners

Any damage done to your home, through natural disaster or accidental, left it in bad shape. Sometimes the damage is severe and needs big repairs and restoration. Many companies offer their repair services to both residential and commercial properties with expertise. They can deal with different disasters, such as fire, water, flood and mold and restore your property.

These all damages demand different cleanup and repair procedures. The property restoration companies hire experts licensed and trained to restore the damaged areas up to the client’s satisfaction. They know how to manage the whole restoration process and limit the secondary damage to your property. The restoration companies offer high quality service and customer care.

Besides cleanup services, we offer repairing, restoration and remodeling of the damaged property. We control cost and try to make it easy on your pocket. We work with your insurance company to complete your restoration project fast. We stand with you and negotiate with the claim.

You should take an insurance policy to safeguard your belongings. This is a wise decision in your interest but be assure that your homeowners insurance policy covers every aspect you are looking for especially relating with disasters.

There are three types of property insurance policies which are most common.

Homeowners Insurance

Landlords Insurance

Renters Insurance

These property insurances are varying from each other and covers mainly the damages of property.

Homeowner’s insurance policy is for people buying new home and want to protect personal belongings and home.  Most insurance policies cover natural disaster, such as fire, hail, storm, lightning and others like personal injuries and liabilities. You can get medical insurance coverage under certain circumstances. Some insurance policies cover big natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and even volcanoes. But homeowners need extra policy for flood insurance.

The contract between a homeowner and constructor includes insurance for renovation projects too. It has become common to include this insurance in contract either it’s a new project or the renovation.

These projects are considered high hazard due to increased chance of liability and property losses. There is big level of different activities being done on the construction area and sometimes lack of security. Some property owners agreed to pay coverage only after the completion of project.

It is important to get liability insurance during the tenure of reconstruction and renovation process. This provides protection against claims, resulting from damage to property and injuries to people. Contractors can be added as an ‘Additional Interest’ to the policy.

By getting personal liability insurance, you can protect yourself and your assets in case of an unexpected event or accident for which you are considered responsible. This policy covers both payouts and any legal cost if you are found legally liable.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

Builder’s Risk policy only provide property coverage, all liabilities are excluded. This can be written with the contractor or the owner. The contractors will maintain their own separate commercial liability and worker’s compensation coverage.

Builder’s Risk policy can be customized and both contractor and homeowner can be benefited from it

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