Fluid-aire dynamics: How it Works for you

Used on a large scale in the most varied segments of the industry and also in hospitals, the compressed air systems aim to carry this air from a reservoir to the points where it will be consumed, thus generating mechanical or electrical energy from pneumatic force, which are necessary for moving from a conveyor belt on an industrial production line or even for the operation of electrical equipment, to more everyday functions such as filling car tires. For this, the installations of a compressed air system by fluidairedynamics.com carried out cautiously and considering all the specifics of the environment and application mode.

Precautions in the installation of compressed air system

The installation location of the compressed air system has a major influence on performance and operating costs. In order to avoid excessive expenses with the installation of a compressed air system, attention should be paid to certain specific factors, such as ventilation, access to maintenance, space reserved for compressors and the application environment.

For an effective compressed air system installation, some care must be taken, such as making accurate calculations regarding the air capacity to be consumed; identify the required working pressure; establish a tolerance for leaks and pressure loss; define the appropriate air quality for the type of application; define the type of compressor and the material of the pipes; the layout of the pipes, closed circuit or straight line, and the accessories for the air line, dryers, filters, among others.

It is significantof contacting a skilled professional to install the compressed air system, as the environment and the type of application influence the type of material chosen for the pipes. A system with aluminum pipes, for example, has advantages over carbon steel, stainless steel or PPR systems. While the installation of compressed air system with pipes in another type of material can have the same performance with a better cost-benefit ratio.

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